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Partnering with charities video transcript


Published: 29 June 2022

Version: 1.0

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This is a transcript of our 'partnering with charities' animation featured on our charities page.

Logo and tagline ‘Partnering with health and social care charities’ appear.

0:00 - The National Institute for Health and Care Research, NIHR, works with charities to support high quality research and maximise patient and public benefit.

Logo and tagline fade up.

3 circles appear each with their own labels.

0:10 - There are a variety of different ways that charities can work with the NIHR.
From accessing free NIHR-funded services and resources, collaborating on areas of shared interest and the exchange of expertise.

0:27 - We’re keen to work with charities on all areas across the research pathway.

7 circles (each circle meaning) each area we can work together on, scale up from the central circle.

0:32 - Landscape. We can work together to share our knowledge and deepen our understanding of the research landscape.

A map of the UK appears and we see key assets appear, and the light bulbs illuminate one after the other as the lines connect them.

0:40 - Prioritisation. We work with charities to identify research needs and help set research priorities.

Three characters come together to show a collaborative meeting.

0:48 - Funding. We can collaborate to fund high-quality research in areas of shared interest.

The camera pulls back to show a group in a collaborative setting sharing ideas and working well together.

0:55 - Delivery. Researchers funded by charities can access our services and support to plan and
deliver research in the NHS, in public health or in social care settings.

The camera pans to the side, we see a character accessing online NIHR services on a laptop.

1:08 - Dissemination. We can work together to share research findings to extend their reach and support changes to practice.

A scientist opens her hand and a light-bulb appears, it is passed to another female character.

1:18 - Training. Together we can provide invaluable training and development opportunities to attract, develop and retain a research workforce for now and into the future.

The video now shows a trio of people working together on the shared specifics of training and research.

1:30 - Expertise. Together we can share the knowledge of clinical and social care experts, and of patients, people who use social care services and the public, to improve the quality of health and care research across the board.

We see the professionals interacting in different ways sharing knowledge and expertise.

Then another map of the UK is revealed.

1:47 - For more information on how we can collaborate, please get in touch.

The video now shows a collaborative environment with characters from throughout the animation working together.