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PHR Programme reviewers list




Our community of reviewers play a vital part in maintaining and improving the quality of the PHR Programme projects and outputs. They are sought from a variety of fields, including from those who work in and use NHS services.

To demonstrate our gratitude to our reviewers and acknowledge the important work they do for the programme the names of past year’s reviewers are listed below:

Dr Sanjay Agrawal
Dr Ashley Agus
Mr Khamis Al-alawy
Dr Niall Anderson
Dr Caroline Angus
Dr Nana Anokye
Dr Rabeea'h Aslam
Professor Sheena Asthana
Dr Andrew Atkin
Dr Richard Atkinson
Professor Paul Aveyard
Professor Anne-Marie Bagnall
Dr Julia Bailey
Professor Julien Baker
Dr Graham Baker
Mr Richard Ballerand
Professor Alan Batterham
Ms Annette Bauer
Dr Frauke Becker
Professor Mark Bellis
Mr Martin Bendrey
Dr Christian Blickem
Dr Lynne Boddy
Dr Eva-Maria Bonin
Dr Steven Boorman
Professor Ron Borland
Ms Burcu Borysik
Dr Stephen Bremner
Dr Annie Britton
Ms Dawn Brown
Dr Heather Brown
Dr Maria Bryant
Dr Amanda Bunten
Dr Amanda Buttery
Professor Woody Caan
Dr Deborah Caldwell
Professor Martin Caraher
Mr Michael Chang
Dr Helen Chatterjee
Dr Richard Churchill
Dr Stacy Clemes
Mr Kevin Clinton
Professor Joanna Cohen
Dr Brendan Collins
Professor Ashley Cooper
Dr Andrew Copas
Mr Ian Copley
Professor Roisin Corcoran
Dr Kirsten Corder
Ms Alex Coulter
Professor Simon Coulton
Ms Hilary Cowie
Ms Mary Crawford
Mr Sheridan Crew
Dr Sarah Crozier
Dr Patricia Cubi-Molla
Dr Carole Cummins
Dr Fiona Cuthill
Dr Philippa Dall
Dr Clare Davenport
Ms Marie Davies
Mrs Claire Davis-Green
Mr Mark Davis-Green
Ms Bryony Dawkins
Dr Frank De Vocht
Professor Margaret Defeyter
Miss Tasneem Dhanji
Professor Chris Doran
Ms Ruth Dundas
Mrs Rachael Edgerton
Dr Charlotte Edwardson
Professor Lawrie Elliott
Mr Scott Ellis
Mr Hamish Elvidge
Dr Seda Erdem
Mrs Lizzie Ette
Dr Nicola Evans
Mrs Colleen Ewart
Dr Karen Exley
Dr Daisy Fancourt
Dr Amanda Farley
Dr William Farr
Dr Greg Fell
Dr Alison Fildes
Dr Alastair Fischer
Dr Abigail Fisher
Dr Niamh Fitzgerald
Miss Danielle Forbes
Dr Simon Forrest
Professor Claire Fox
Dr Robert Freeman
Dr Mark Freestone
Mr Tom Frost
Dr Jen Gallagher
Dr Poushali Ganguli
Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe
Dr Isla Gemmell
Dr Donna Gillies
Ms Alison Giraud-Saunders
Dr Danya Glaser
Mr Alan Goodman
Miss Rebecca Gossage-Worrall
Professor Cynthia Graham
Mr Richard Grant
Professor Selena Gray
Mr Peter Green
Mr Stephen Griffiths
Ms Eleanor Griggs
Dr Laura Gunn
Professor Richard Hammersley
Dr Angela Hands
Dr M. Haque
Ms Claire Harding
Dr Deirdre Harrington
Ms Paula Harriott
Dr Fiona Harris
Dr Heather Hartwell
Dr Alan Haycox
Ms Ahmarah Hazell
Dr Andy Healey
Ms Sarah Heathcote
Ms Jennifer Hellier
Dr Marion Henderson
Dr Joe Hickey
Mr Martin Higgins
Dr Ruaraidh Hill
Professor Erica Hinckson
Mr Maurice Hoffman
Professor Stephen Holgate
Dr John Holmes
Dr Jason Horsley
Dr Sarah Hotham
Mrs Rhian Huckle
Mr Paul Huckle
Mrs Rosemary Hughes
Professor Claire Hulme
Dr Ruth Hunter
Dr Kerryn Husk
Professor Nicola Innes
Mr Philip Insall
Dr Katharina Janke
Mr Paul Jarvis-Beesley
Professor Susan Jebb
Dr Ruth Jepson
Dr Freya Johnson Ross
Dr Lisa Jones
Dr Russell Jones
Dr Mona Kanaan
Dr Rebecca Kandiyali
Professor Eddie Kane
Dr Jing Kang
Professor Navneet Kapur
Professor Elizabeth Kay
Mr Robert Kenyon
Dr Sophie Khadr
Dr Laura Knight
Ms Dominique Le Touze
Mr Ian Leete
Professor Alastair Leyland
Ms Jennifer Light
Dr Joseph Liu
Mr Charlie Lloyd
Dr Theo Lorenc
Dr Helen Lowey
Professor Anne Ludbrook
Associate Professor Lesley Lutes
Professor Ronan Lyons
Dr Georgina (Georgie) MacArthur
Ms Karen Machin
Dr Daniel Mackay
Professor Roger Mackett
Mr Philip Charles Mackie
Professor Barrie Margetts
Professor Zoe Marshman
Dr Amanda Mason-Jones
Mrs Holly Matthews
Dr Kareena McAloney-Kocaman
Dr Orla McBride
Professor Jim McCambridge
Professor Paul McCrone
Professor Lisa McDaid
Dr Ruth McGovern
Dr Michelle McKinley
Dr Aisling McLaughlin
Dr Alexander McMahon
Mr Jim McManus
Ms Tess McManus
Dr Ambrose Melson
Dr Catherine Mercer
Dr Sarah Miller
Professor Jennifer Mindell
Professor Graham Moon
Dr Helen Morgan
Dr Vanessa Muirhead
Miss Nicola Mullany
Professor Marcus Munafo
Dr Luke Munford
Dr Jamie Murdoch
Professor Marie Murphy
Dr Rachael Murray
Dr Rowan Myron
Dr Tom Nadarzynski
Dr Ailsa Niven
Professor John Norrie
Dr Caitlin Notley
Dr Angela Obasi
Professor Rory O'Connor
Dr Asako Ohinata
Dr Lucy O'Malley
Ms Valery Osemeikhian
Dr Philip Pallmann
Dr Jenna Panter
Professor John Parkin
Mr Robert Pears
Dr Andrew Percy
Associate Professor Dennis Petrie
Professor Ruth Pickering
Dr Paul Pilkington
Professor Cynthia Pine
Dr Vanessa Pinfold
Dr Rebecca Playle
Professor Subhash Pokhrel
Mr David Pye
Dr Isabel Reading
Professor Paula Reavey
Dr Marcus Redley
Ms Pamela Rees
Professor John Reilly
Dr Peter Rice
Professor Gerry Richardson
Dr Amanda Roberts
Dr Eric Robinson
Professor Anne Rogers
Ms Janet Ruane
Professor Tom Sanders
Mrs Jacqueline Sarakbi
Dr Patrick Saunders
Mrs Lucy Saunders
Dr Michelle Scollo
Dr Emma Scott
Mr Andrew Scott-Clark
Professor Judy Sebba
Dr Simon Sebire
Dr Jeremy Segrott
Dr Stefan Serban
Professor Linda Sharples
Dr Andrew Shepherd
Dr Lauren Sherar
Professor Simon Skene
Miss Caitlin Snuggs
Ms Debbie Sorkin
Professor Jane South
Mr Paul Southon
Ms Kate Stanley
Dr Afroditi Stathi
Dr Madeleine Stevens
Dr Rupert Suckling
Professor Carolyn Summerbell
Professor Vanita Sundaram
Mr Charlie Taylor
Dr Marion Dawn Teare
Mr Andy Thorpe
Professor Allen Thurston
Dr Philip Timms
Mr Clive Tobutt
Professor Sandy Tubeuf
Dr Emily Tweed
Professor Michael Ussher
Professor Martie van Tongeren
Ms Moira Veitch
Dr Mara Violato
Dr Adam Wagner
Dr Heather Walton
Dr Fiona Warren
Dr Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley
Dr Stephanie Wilkie
Professor Philip Wilson
Mr Paul Wilton
Professor Gillian Windle
Dr David Wood
Ms Judy Wright
Ms Qi Wu
Dr Jianhua Wu
Dr Ge Yu