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Programme Grants for Applied Research - Competition 34 Stage 2 minutes


Published: 24 August 2021

Version: 1.0 - July 21

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Minutes of the Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) sub-committee A and B meetings to discuss stage 2 applications to competition 34.

Date and Location

23 and 30 June 2021 via online video meeting

In attendance

Sub-Committee A - 23 June 2021


Professor Richard Watt (Chair)
Professor Kate Jolly (supporting Chair)
Ms Anica Alvarez Nishio
Professor Peter Bower
Professor Kelvin Jordan
Professor Hemant Pandit
Mrs Hazel Patel
Professor George Peat
Professor Subhash Pokhrel
Dr Tom Sanders
Professor Miriam Santer
Dr Obioha Ukoumunne
Professor Kavita Vedhara

Diabetes UK Members

Dr Robert Andrews
Professor Philip Evans
Dr Robert Lowndes


Professor Katherine Payne (written comments provided)


Dr Chandrabala Shah, Diabetes UK
Dr Elizabeth Robertson, Diabetes UK
Ms Mavis Wenham, new public member
Dr Kimberley Goldsmith, new expert member

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay

NIHR CCF Secretariat

Mr Raj Flora
Dr Katie Cook
Ms Saprina Harrison
Ms Batool Raza

Sub-committee B - 30 June 2021


Professor Jonathan Mant (Chair) 
Professor Simon Heller (Supporting Chair)
Professor Garry Barton
Professor Steve Gillard
Professor Willie Hamilton
Dr Lisa Hinton
Professor Eileen Kaner
Mrs Rita Long
Mrs Ngawai Moss
Professor Fliss Murtagh
Professor Isabel Reading
Professor Stephanie Taylor
Professor Sandy Tubeuf
Professor Stephen Walters

Versus Arthritis Members

Professor Bhaskar Dasgupta


Mrs Debra Dulake (written comments)


Dr Anna Durrans, Versus Arthritis
Reverend Stephen Habgood, new public member
Professor Paula Lorgelly, new expert member
Professor Mari Portillo, new expert member
Dr Laura Ternent, NIHR Research Design Service, North East

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay

NIHR CCF Secretariat

Mr Raj Flora
Dr Katie Cook
Dr Ramnath Elaswarapu
Ms Saprina Harrison
Ms Batool Raza

Sub-Committee A applications considered

NIHR202860: New remission care pathway: Diabetes Adaptive Weight management Network "NewDAWN"
Lead Applicant: Professor Susan Jebb
Conflicts: Professor Kavita Vedhara
Outcome: Conditional Support (phased fund)

NIHR202861: SUXEED: Sustained excess weight loss for equitable and cost-effective diabetes remission
Lead Applicant: Dr Amy Ahern
Conflicts: Mrs Hazel Patel
Outcome: Reject

Sub-Committee B applications considered

NIHR203281: Addressing Child and Adolescent Musculoskeletal Pain: the CAM-Pain Programme
Lead Applicant: Professor Kate Dunn
Conflicts: Professor Elaine Hay
Outcome: Conditional Support (phased fund)

NIHR202852: Developing and testing an online intervention to support self-management, improve outcomes and reduce antibiotic use in acne
Lead Applicant: Professor Miriam Santer
Conflicts: Professor Garry Barton
Outcome: Conditional Support (phased fund)

NIHR202862: EVolution of a patiEnt-REported symptom-based risk stratification sySTem to redesign the suspected Head and Neck cancer referral pathway (EVEREST-HN)
Lead Applicant: Professor Vinidh Paleri
Conflicts: Professor Stephanie Taylor
Outcome: Conditional Support (phased fund)

Outcomes table

Funding Committees score applications on a range of 1-10. This table displays the number of applications awarded by mean score. The PGfAR fundable range is 8-10. Applications with a mean score of 6.0-7.9 have the potential to be funded, at the discretion of the Department of Health and Social Care based on recommendations by the Stage 2 and Main Selection Committees.

ScoreRangeNumber of applications
9.0-10.0 Fundable 0
8.0-8.9 Fundable 1
7.0-7.9 Fundable 3
6.0-6.9 Potentially Fundable 0
5.0-5.9 Rejected 1
4.0-4.9 Rejected 0
3.0-3.9 Rejected 0
2.0-2.9 Rejected 0
1.0-1.9 Rejected 0