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Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) Sub-Committee B- Minutes of the PGfAR Competition 29 Stage 2




PGfAR Competition 29 Stage 2 Sub-Committee B

23 October 2019 at ETC Venues, Avonmouth House, 6 Avonmouth Street, London, SE1 6NX


Present Members

Professor Jonathan Mant (Chair)
Professor Kate Jolly (Supporting Chair)
Professor Tracy Roberts (Supporting Chair)
Professor Cindy Cooper
Professor Neil Coulson
Professor Robbie Foy
Dr Steve Gillard
Professor Willie Hamilton
Ms Denise Howel
Dr Clare Jinks
Dr David Meads
Professor Rona Moss-Morris
Professor Richard Watt
Mrs Ngawai Moss
Mrs Angela Ruddock

Apologies (Written Comments)

Professor Andy Vail
Professor Gerry Richardson

Programme Director

Professor Elaine Hay


Mr Rajinder Flora (NIHR CCF)
Ms Saima Siddiqui (NIHR CCF)
Ms Saprina Harrison (NIHR CCF)
Ms Amrit Mann (NIHR CCF)
Ms Jess Goddall (NIHR CCF)
Ms Dena Shortall (NIHR CCF)


Dr Catherine Haighton (Northumbria University)
Professor Claire Hulme (University of Exeter)
Professor Hemant Pandit (University of Leeds)

PGfAR applications to be considered

  1. NIHR200868: RESPOND study (Rescue for Emergency Surgery Patients Observed to uNdergo acute Deterioration)
    Lead Applicant: Professor Peter McCulloch
    Lead Assessors: Willie Hamilton (1), Robbie Foy (2)
    Conflicts: None
    Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)

  2. NIHR200856: Improving care for people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in a digital NHS
    Lead Applicant: Professor Claudia Estcourt
    Lead Assessors: Cindy Cooper (1), Willie Hamilton (2)
    Conflicts: Professor Tracy Roberts and Professor Kate Jolly
    Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)
    Professors Tracy Roberts and Kate Jolly returned.

  3. NIHR200874: CompreHensive geriAtRician-led MEdication Review (CHARMER)
    Lead Applicant: Dr Debi Bhattacharya
    Lead Assessors: Richard Watt (1), Cindy Cooper (2)
    Conflicts: Professor Robbie Foy
    Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)
    Professor Robbie Foy returned.

  4. NIHR200871: CHROnic MIGraine prevention studies (CHROMIG)
    Lead Applicant: Professor Martin Underwood
    Lead Assessors: Robbie Foy (1), Richard Watt (2)
    Conflicts: None
    Outcome: Reject

  5. NIHR201174: Community-delivered Behavioural Activation Targeting (ComBAT) Emerging and Early Depression in Adolescents
    Lead Applicant: Dr Lina Gega
    Lead Assessors: Willie Hamilton (1), Richard Watt (2)
    Conflicts: Professor Cindy Cooper
    Outcome: Conditional support (phased fund)
    Professors Jonathan Mant and Rona Moss-Morris left the meeting.

PDG applications to be considered

  1. NIHR201024: A combined mindfulness-based approach for adolescent non-responders to first-line treatments of depression or anxiety and their carers: establishing feasibility of implementation and delivery
    Lead Applicant: Professor Tamsin Ford
    Lead Assessors: Cindy Cooper (1), Robbie Foy (2)
    Conflicts: Professor Willie Hamilton and Professor Claire Hulme
    Outcome: Conditional support (fund)