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Public Minutes HTA Programme Oversight Committee (commissioned workstream) June 2021


22 July 2021





HTA Programme Oversight Committee

Date and time

Friday 11 June 2021, 10.00am – 1.00pm


Virtual meeting


  • Professor Andrew Farmer (Chair)
  • Professor Julia Brown
  • Professor Lucy Chappell
  • Professor Anthony de-Soyza
  • Professor Marian Knight
  • Mr Richard Parnell
  • Ms Gail Thornton


  • Dr Tara Cheetham-Blake
  • Dr Lisa Douet
  • Miss Rosie Geale
  • Ms Sharon Gray
  • Dr Amy Halls
  • Dr Neil Henderson
  • Dr Claire Kidgell
  • Mrs Carol Ozuak
  • Ms Elke Streit
  • Mrs Agnieszka Terry


  • Dr Cheryl Battersby
  • Mr Michael Bowdery
  • Dr Julie McCarroll

Research priority decisions

The HTA Programme Oversight Committee considered a total of 12 detailed briefing papers (research briefs). The outcomes are listed below:

Prioritisation Committee: Maternal, child and mental health care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
Not prioritised Primary research Surgery for endometrioma in women undergoing IVF

Prioritisation Committee: Integrated community health and social care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
 Advertise 21/532* Primary research Intensive Interaction for children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities
 Advertise 21/540 Broad brief Pharmacological treatments for low back pain or sciatica
 Advertise 21/541 Secondary research Medication support interventions and strategies for people with learning disabilities

Prioritisation Committee: Hospital based care

Call NoResearch typeTitle
 Advertise 21/534 Primary research Surgical management of successfully reduced incarcerated inguinal hernia in children
 Advertise 21/535 Primary research Follow-up strategy after radical treatment for prostate cancer
 Advertise 21/536 Primary research Sodium bicarbonate in neonatal care
 Advertise (delayed advert) Primary research Metformin to prevent antipsychotic-induced weight gain
 Advertise 21/537 Primary research Neuroendoscopic lavage for preterm babies with post-haemorrhagic ventricular dilatation
 Advertise 21/542 Primary research Medication to manage sexual preoccupation in sex offenders
 Advertise 21/538 Primary research Benefits and harms of reduced dose oral isotretinoin in the management of acne vulgaris 
 Advertise 21/539 Primary research Benefits and harms of maintenance therapy for refractory acne vulgaris or previous relapses by reduced dose isotretinoin regimens

* This research priority is being re-advertised

Future HTA Programme Oversight Committee 2021 meetings: 2021 dates

• 15 October 2021