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Research for Patient Benefit Programme Under-Represented Disciplines and Specialisms Highlight Notice: Nurses and Midwives Committee A Stage 2 Minutes


Published: 24 January 2024

Version: 1.0 January 2024

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Minutes for the Research for Patient Benefit Programme Under-Represented Disciplines and Specialisms Highlight Notice: Nurses and Midwives Research Advisory Stage 2 Committee A Meeting 

Date and Location

Wednesday 22 November 2023 Virtual Meeting

In attendance

Committee members

Professor Rebecca Kearney (Chair)
Professor Elizabeth Barley
Mrs Jacqueline Birks
Mrs Wendy Blunden
Ms Louise Bramley
Dr Elizabeth Camacho
Dr Keith Couper
Professor Vari Drennan
Dr Kerry Evans
Dr Clare Gillies
Professor Annette Hand
Professor Alexander Heazell
Dr Catherine Henshall
Dr Joseph Manning
Dr Susie Pearce
Professor George Peat
Miss Louise Rowan
Mr Philip Ruthen
Professor Eila Watson
Dr Adam Wagner


Dr Jennie Hejdenberg (Assistant Programme Director)
Dr Elisabeth Kugelberg (NIHRCC)
Mrs Zuzanna Tajchman (NIHRCC)
Mr Ian Beason (NIHRCC)
Ms Katie Prangle (NIHRCC)
Ms Lavpeet Ranjit (NIHRCC)
Ms Alisha Singh (NIHRCC)
Mr Noor Akbar (NIHRCC)

Stage 2 applications considered

NIHR206304: A Realist Evaluation of CGA In Primary Care: The RECiPe Study
Conflicts: Dr Catherine Henshall, Dr Joseph Manning, Dr Keith Couper, Professor Jill Shawe, Dr Susie Pearce
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206325: Attempt at external cephalic version versus no attempt for women with a breech-presenting baby at term who wish to plan a vaginal birth: a randomised controlled trial
Conflicts: Professor Elizabeth Barley, Dr Keith Couper, Professor Rebecca Kearney, Professor Jill Shawe, Professor Debra Bick
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206328: Workforce Retention of Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care in England (WRAPP). A qualitative study
Conflicts: None
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206329: Jay’s study: Developing tailored implementation of a personalised safety planning toolkit for adults experiencing self-harm and suicidality.
Conflicts: Professor Annette Hand
Final outcome: Conditional support

NIHR206331: Optimising dEcision-making and support for famiLies of PatIentS who have life-sustaining treatments withheld/withdrawn in adult intensive care units: A grounded theory study (ELPIS Study)
Conflicts: Ms Louise Bramley, Dr Catherine Henshall, Professor Vari Drennan, Professor Fiona Cowdell, Professor Eila Watson
Final outcome: Conditional support

NIHR206335: An integrated Behavioural Activation intervention to improve depression among people with kidney failure undergoing haemodialysis: A feasibility study.
Conflicts: Professor Penny Bee
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206341: Investigating and addressing the health and developmental needs of pre-school Looked After Children
Conflicts: Professor George Peat, Dr Verna Lavender, Professor Fiona Cowdell
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206344: A realist synthesis to explain how, for whom and in what circumstances post-incident support (‘debriefing’) works following restrictive intervention use in mental health inpatient settings: Debriefing after Restrictive InterVEntions (DRIVE-MH)
Conflicts: None
Final outcome: Conditional support

NIHR206347: Developing an intervention to help nurses improve the assessment and care of the sexual health needs of men with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (MenSH-IBD): a mixed methods study using co-production
Conflicts: None
Final outcome: Conditional support

NIHR206352: Acutely Sick Kid Digital Interventions for Parents in under-represented Communities: a modified grounded theory study (ASK DIPaC)
Conflicts: Professor Jill Shawe
Final outcome: Conditional support

NIHR206356: An Exploration of Patient Service User Groups: A regional study on their potential impact on the delivery of nursing care amongst racially minoritised population.
Conflicts: None
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206377: Optimising Digital Supported Self-Management Approaches in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF): A Mixed-Methods Study
Conflicts: Professor Rebecca Kearney
Final outcome: Reject

NIHR206384: Testing the operability and transferability of a feasibility tested web-based intervention to support pain and self-management following surgery for breast cancer: the ePainQ pilot RCT
Conflicts: Dr Catherine Henshall, Dr Joseph Manning, Dr Keith Couper, Professor Penny Bee, Professor Rebecca Kearney, Professor Eila Watson
Final outcome:Conditional support

NIHR206385: Developing a standardised communication tool that describes Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) to patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by healthcare practitioners to iMprOve upTakE to PR.PROMOTE-PR Study
Conflicts: Dr Catherine Henshall, Professor Elizabeth Barley, Professor Vari Drennan
Final outcome: Reject

Outcomes Table

The table below displays the mean score for each application that was assessed in the research assessment committee meeting, and excludes applications which were rejected during the scrutiny and triage processes. The number of applications receiving each mean score are listed. The RfPB fundable range is 4-6, although a score of 4-6 does not guarantee funding. In exceptional circumstances and with approval from the Programme Director, applications may be funded which fall below the fundable range.
In exceptional circumstances, applications which fall below the fundable range may be recommended for funding by the Committee. The Programme Director reviews in detail any applications recommended for funding with a score below 4.

Stage 2 

ScoreNumber of applications invitedNumber of applications rejected
5.0 - 6.0 3
4.0 - 4.9 3
3.0 - 3.9 0
2.0 - 2.9 0
1.0 - 1.9 0