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Social Care Incubator


Published: 26 June 2020

Version: 1.0 June 2020

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The NIHR Incubator for Social Care has been established to help build capacity for research within adult social care. This will be achieved by developing a supportive and high-profile community of individuals and organisations in adult social care with an interest in research.

The Incubator provides opportunities to learn about adult social care, related research and the opportunities that exist for developing research knowledge, skills, networks and projects in the sector. The Incubator is for individuals with both potential and established interest in research in adult social care.

As the Incubator progresses it will identify further opportunities for greater collaborations between individuals, existing training programmes and infrastructure to enhance career progression opportunities, to raise the profile of adult social care within NIHR, and to work with other funders of research and policy and practice organisations.
The Incubator aims to stimulate, inspire and support those with an interest in the field of adult social care to pursue research and practitioner-researcher careers by: 

  • enhancing the opportunities for those pursuing, or wanting to pursue, academic careers in the field
  • better provision of, and sign-posting to career support activities
  • building a community to offer support and share best practice

The Incubator works with ongoing capacity development initiatives delivered within the NIHR School for Social Care Research, NIHR Infrastructure and existing NIHR Academy training programmes, to enable increased opportunities for research careers in social care. The Incubator also works with other funders of adult social care research and practice organisations.

For more information about the Incubator visit the Social Care Incubator section on the School for Social Care website or contact: 
To explore more about our work in social care research and funding opportunities, visit our social care page.