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Webinar: Develop your strategic awareness


23 May 2024


13:00 to 14:00



Find out how the courage to act with strategic awareness will help you to seize opportunities and navigate challenges with agility.

This webinar will explore how leaders need to consider the short-term knowns and the future possibilities, and have the confidence to act on both. Led by leadership experts Cappfinity, it will explain how strategy masters spot patterns, pivot in the moment and identify their ‘opponents’.

By attending this 60-minute webinar you will:

  • learn what strategic awareness is and why it’s important
  • consider the paradox of big picture versus detailed thinking
  • uncover mindsets to support your decision making, thinking and behaviour
  • explore practical tools that can help you
  • discover an approach to implement new ideas and strategies

This webinar is open to NIHR Academy Members/leaders and publicly funded organisations conducting and supporting clinical research within the UK.

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