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Workshop: How to effectively collaborate and influence


20 April 2023


13:00 to 16:00



While working across a complex matrix structure, the need to successfully collaborate and influence has never been more important. This workshop will explore key influencing tactics and run an experiential simulation enabling participants to discover their own influencing preferences and highlight untapped areas for growth.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the importance of truly knowing who they are collaborating with and influencing, through exploring their key motivations and drivers
  • Know how to apply dynamic listening and ensure they approach influencing scenarios with the right mindset
  • Gain insight and knowledge of key influencing tactics
  • Learn what their influencing preferences are and how they can develop new approaches
  • Receive a guide with a reminder of the key influencing tactics and questions to support with future influencing situations

Eligibility Criteria

This workshop is open to NIHR Academy Members and Leaders. 

NIHR Leaders include the following:

  • Assistant Directors
  • Senior Programme Manager or equivalent
  • Other NIHR senior leaders

NIHR Academy Members who are on an academic path include the following:

  • Senior Investigators
  • NIHR Research Training Award Holders:
    • Research Professors
    • Fellowships
    • ACF and CLs (including NIHR badged locally funded)
    • ICA fellows and CLs/SCLs
    • NIHR Academy members based across NIHR Infrastructure, Schools and Global Health Research
    • Research Professors - associated support posts
    • Advanced Fellowship holders - associated support posts

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