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Workshop: Imposter Phenomenon


27 March 2024


13:00 to 16:00



Have you ever found yourself thinking:

  • ‘When will they find out I don’t know what I’m doing?’
  • ‘I feel way out of my depth’
  • ‘Everyone else seems so confident’

It’s easy to feel we are the only ones thinking these things, however recent research shows that 80% of professionals will experience “Imposter Phenomenon”, often referred to as Impostor syndrome, at some point in their careers. Whilst it is prevalent, this doesn’t stop it from being debilitating and disempowering as it can be associated with decreased job performance or burnout (Bravata et al 2020).

This workshop explores practical tips for managing “Imposter Phenomenon”, from both an individual and systemic lens.

In this 3-hour virtual workshop you will:

  • Appreciate the often systemic nature of “Imposter Phenomenon” – what in the system or culture is (possibly inadvertently) causing you to feel like an imposter? Which elements of this can you choose to minimise, challenge or reframe?
  • Clarify your typical trigger situations, trying out practical tools to help you challenge your negative self-talk and bring your strengths to bear in these situations
  • Draft a plan for where you can experiment with new mindsets and roles and who you can form complementary and supportive partnerships within areas that don’t come so naturally to you.

This interactive virtual workshop is open to NIHR Academy Members and NIHR Leaders who want to stretch or polish their ability to be part of empowered teams. To be eligible to participate in this programme you will be an NIHR Academy Member or a NIHR Leader who is responsible for managing a team.

Please note that places are limited to 20 participants per workshop. Therefore we cannot guarantee everyone who expresses interest will be allocated a place. Places will be allocated to ensure a fair representation across the NIHR community, and we strongly encourage you to utilise the word count in section 5 to articulate how attending the workshop will benefit you.

Applications for the workshop will close 12pm Friday 8 March 2024 however we reserve the right to close the application form early in the event of oversubscription. If selected, you will receive confirmation of your place by close of business Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Apply to take part.