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Enhance your research career

The NIHR is the largest funder of health and care research training in the UK and can support you in developing your research career.
From developing your skills whilst on the wards by recruiting patients into studies or becoming an Associate Principal Investigator to taking a more academic route via our Clinical Academic Programme or Fellowship. We’ll have something to suit you.


Undertaking a career development award with the NIHR Academy

These include the Integrated Clinical Academic ProgrammeFellowships Programme and Integrated Academic Training Programme. These are available to all professions and range from pre-doctoral to research professorships.

Ability is of little account without opportunity

A paediatrician talks about how he has pursued his path in research through an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship and an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.


Read Dr Damian Roland's story

My path to research - a cancer nurse's story

A senior cancer nurse shares how she utilised the support of the NIHR’s Research Design Service to focus her research application and offers tips on getting into research.


Read Alison Finch's story

My career path as an intensivist and an academic

An NIHR Clinical Lecturer specialising in anaesthesia and critical care explains how his research career has progressed and his experiences as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow.


Read Andrew Owen's story

Get involved with one of ten virtual Incubators

The Incubators virtual communities are aimed at providing targeted high level career development support for those working in a number of priority areas.

Become an Associate Principal Investigator in your hospital or practice

The Associate Principal Investigator (PI) Scheme is open to junior doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who wish to become the PIs of the future. 

It provides formal recognition of their engagement in NIHR Portfolio research studies led, or co-supported by Cancer, Ear, Nose and Throat, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Trauma and Emergency Care. 


How to join

Join the Clinical Research Practitioner register

Clinical Research Practitioner (CRP) is an umbrella term that describes a range of clinical research roles interfacing directly with study participants.

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) sets the standard for accredited registers of people working in health and social care and recently approved inclusion of CRPs on the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS) Accredited Register.

Sign up to be accredited

Find out what support for research is available from your professional body

Engage with your professional body to explore the research and support opportunities available for those pursuing careers in research.

Encourage your colleagues to learn  more about clinical research and how it improves health and care through our free online course

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research - this free online course is for anyone who wants to know more about health research and the role it has in improving healthcare


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