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Enhance your research career

Ability is of little account without opportunity

A paediatrician talks about how he has pursued his path in research through an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship and an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.


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How research has become a part of my nursing career

An advanced nurse practitioner explains how her journey through research has progressed and urges others to follow in her footsteps.


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Developing a research career as a clinical academic nurse

A Senior Clinical Research Nurse explains how her research career has developed  with the help of an NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellowship.


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My pathway from physiotherapist to clinical academic fellow

A children’s physiotherapist shares how he first made the move into a clinical academic career and insights into his journey as a NIHR Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellow.


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How I've kept patients at the heart of my research career

A senior nurse turned Professor of Palliative Care and Ageing tells the story of how her career has unfolded and offers top tips to healthcare professionals wishing to take a similar path into research


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The wonder of research

Professor Cheng-Hock Toh highlights how the Royal College of Physicians has launched a project calling for every clinician working in the NHS to be supported to become research active.


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My path to research - a cancer nurse's story

A senior cancer nurse shares how she utilised the support of the NIHR’s Research Design Service to focus her research application and offers tips on getting into research.


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Why I'm thankful to healthcare staff for giving me the gift of hope

A patient explains how healthcare professionals encouraging her to join a clinical trial changed her life, and urges other staff to take the next step in their research career.


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Finding the balance of a clinical academic research career

A lead clinical physiotherapist provides insight into her path in research - including being the first Allied Health Professional (AHP) in her organisation to be awarded the HEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship.


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How NHS healthcare professionals can play an important part in research

Professor Hywel Williams, Director of the NIHR’s HTA Programme, encourages healthcare professionals to take the next step in their research career and offers his top tips in identifying a good research question.


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My career path as an intensivist and an academic

An NIHR Clinical Lecturer specialising in anaesthesia and critical care explains how his research career has progressed and his experiences as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow.


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How a conversation about research has given me purpose again

A patient writes about how a conversation with his mental health support worker inspired him to participate in research studies. He encourages other healthcare professionals to take the next step in their research career.


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Four ways research can benefit your career

We explore four key ways research can benefit your career, featuring testimonies from healthcare professionals who encourage others to follow in their footsteps and take their next step in their research career.


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If you’re thinking of developing a career in research there are a number of ways that NIHR can support you. 

These include:

There are many other we can support you to develop your career in research too.