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Global health partnership funding


NIHR partners with other global health research organisations to fund high quality research and career development opportunities for researchers.

NIHR partners with other global health organisations to ensure a cohesive and sustainable approach to research in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

We work with established UK and international organisations and in multi-funder initiatives to:

  • support existing, high quality funding programmes
  • co-create new funding programmes in areas where there is an identified need
  • increase cohesion in global health funding. relationship building and influence
  • support career development for researchers in LMICs and in the UK.

Research funding

We provide funding for global health research through a range of different programmes in collaboration with other global health organisations. These programmes offer direct funding to researchers in LMICs, as well as to researchers based in the UK working in equitable partnerships with LMIC investigators.

Our research partnership funding calls aim to meet the unmet needs of those in LMICs through a number of topic areas.  Our strategic priorities from 2022-2025 are to:

  • address the shifting global burden of disease
  • develop health systems to identify and respond to population needs,
  • build resilience to tackle future global health threats, and
  • strengthen research capacity in LMICs through equitable partnerships between LMIC and UK researchers.

Partnership highlights