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Patient Recruitment Centres - Commercial research delivery centres

On this page, you will find information about our Patient Recruitment Centres; the only family of NIHR-funded research facilities that are 100% dedicated to delivering commercial research.

This is just one of the ways we help life science organisations to conduct research in the UK. Visit our NIHR support for the life sciences industry page to discover our full range of support. Talk to our dedicated  team to learn more about the facilities described here.

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What are Patient Recruitment Centres?

The NIHR funds five Patient Recruitment Centres (PRCs) - research facilities that are dedicated to making it easier and quicker to deliver late-phase (2b, 3 and 4) and large-scale commercial clinical research in the NHS and wider health and care environment.

Speed, efficiency, patient experience, innovation and continuous improvement are the key drivers of these five purpose-built centres which exclusively deliver commercial research at pace and scale.

Take a look at our five PRCs in this short video.

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Patient Recruitment Centres: Why work with us?

Key features of the Patient Recruitment Centres

With a special focus on common chronic conditions, these research facilities have a number of unique features which offer new ways to conduct late-phase, large-scale commercial research projects.

  • Patient focussed
    Our concierge-style service offers accessible hours of operation, welcoming waiting areas with free refreshments and parking for your participants. 97% of participants surveyed at our centres said they would take part in research again.
  • Purpose-designed
    Our state-of-the-art facilities are tailored for delivering late-phase, large-scale commercial research.
  • Collaborative
    Our five connected sites may be geographically dispersed but our processes are streamlined with a single point of contact and consistent standard operating procedures.
  • Wider recruitment reach
    We design proactive and inclusive recruitment strategies that can reach beyond specialist hospital clinics and access diverse patient populations in areas of high disease prevalence. For example, we have strong links to primary and community care for recruitment and remote monitoring.
  • Dedicated to commercial research
    Our dedicated teams are experienced in working with sponsor companies and Contract Research Organisations and understand the demands of delivering commercial research.
  • Operational flexibility
    We can rapidly scale up operations to meet individual trial requirements.
  • Innovative research delivery
    We provide a test bed for innovation in clinical trial delivery including data-driven patient identification and engagement and pioneering trial capabilities, such as decentralised trial delivery.
  • Access to investigators
    We have access to NHS clinical investigators to lead and conduct your research, across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Our PRC sites

Want to know more? Why not take a look around our Patient Recruitment Centre web pages.

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If you are a life science company or Contract Research Organisation planning to run a study you can contact the national Patient Recruitment Centre Programme Office by email: