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Advanced Local Authority Fellowship (ALAF) - Round 2


28 March 2024


23 May 2024


Supporting Information

Guidance notes for applicants - round 2

Chair's report from round 1 - including advice for applicants

The Advanced Local Authority Fellowship (ALAF) scheme comprises the post-doctoral element of the NIHR Local Authority Academic Fellowship (LAAF) Programme. It supports doctorate holders employed within local authority settings to develop careers that combine research and research training with continued professional practice and development.

This fully-funded scheme is designed to support individuals across a broad range of post-doctoral career stages. It will also provide support to those seeking to re-establish their research career following a significant career break or time back in a practice or policy role.

An ALAF can have a duration of between two and five years WTE, and can be taken full-time or part-time, the latter with a minimum commitment of 0.5WTE.

Funding will cover:

  • salary costs
  • support staff salary costs
  • research costs, and
  • the costs of tailored academic and professional development programmes.

Between 20% and 40% of funded fellowship time must be spent working and developing in a practice or policy role.

Who can apply?

LAAF programme awards are available to individuals of any profession or background, with the exception of doctors and dentists who can already access equivalent dedicated funding opportunities.

Applicants must be employed by an English:

  • local authority,
  • provider of local authority commissioned services, or a
  • non-profit organisation (such as a charity) that provides services on behalf of a local authority, or otherwise supports a local authority in meeting its objectives.