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Mental Health Research Leaders Award Round Two


08 May 2024


13:00 on 17 July 2024

Supporting Information

The Mental Health Research Leaders Award is designed to support higher education institutions (HEIs) with a strategic interest in undertaking targeted and applied mental health research that will be directly beneficial for the local communities and health and care system, who currently lack the institutional capacity to do so.

Leader Awards can be for up to £2.5m, up to 5 years, with an expectation that this could support several research posts together with public partnership and research inclusion activities.

Leaders will need to be able to draw on broader mentorship, support and advice from researchers with expertise in general applied health methodologies within the hosting HEI. HEIs that currently possess such expertise will be expected to demonstrate how this will be harnessed to support the Leader and the new team.

Leaders will be a part of the NIHR Academy and will benefit from the support and development activities offered, but will also be expected to have a well-developed training/mentorship plan proposed as part of the application. Once appointed, the primary focus of the Leader would be to create and lead a team to co-develop a credible proposal for a full MHRG award.

Further details can be found by reading the competition brief.

We are very happy to meet with potential applicants to answer any queries or discuss your plans. If you would like to organise a call please contact us at

The submission deadline for applications is 13:00 on 17 July 2024.

If you require any further information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the team via