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NIHR Incubator Competition 2024


20 March 2024


13:00 on 20 June 2024

Supporting Information

The 2024 NIHR Incubator competition is open to applications that address areas/disciplines where there is a need to build research capacity on a national level.

NIHR Incubators offer the opportunity to delve into the complex issues and barriers that exist in capacity building in a particular area by the community who are embedded in and who have forged careers in these areas. The funding enables a community to bring together key stakeholders to suggest and implement solutions to building research capacity and developing research careers in a sustainable and meaningful way. Their focus will be on building academic research capacity in terms of attracting and retaining people in the area of interest, but there should be consideration of a broad spectrum of research careers.

We welcome applicants to consider planning for and proposing Incubators in any relevant area for NIHR, being particularly mindful of NIHR’s strategy; ‘Best Research for Best Health the Next Chapter'. NIHR will not award more than one application in the same discipline/area.

For this competition we also particularly encourage applications for Incubators that focus on the following areas/disciplines (please see the guidance notes for further information):

  • Knowledge Mobilisation Research
  • General Paediatrics and moving research across the age range

Please note, only the top-ranked application will be funded in each of the highlight notice areas.

Applicants are asked not to propose an Incubator in areas/disciplines where there is currently an NIHR-supported Incubator. A list of the 10 current Incubators can be found here and in the applicant guidance notes

NIHR Incubators are for a 3 year period and will receive:

  • NIHR badging and support for 3 years, including the opportunity for all Incubator Leads to meet regularly
  • £30,000 funding per annum (over the 3 year Incubator period) to cover some or all of the cost of a project manager/admin support post
  • £10,000 per annum (over the 3 year Incubator period) for additional engagement activities

Register to attend the 2024 NIHR Incubator Competition Webinar on Wednesday 8th May (11.30 - 12.30) which will cover:

  • The 2024 Incubator Competition
  • Key areas to consider when developing an application
  • The role NIHR Incubators play in attracting, training and supporting researchers and an overview of the James Lind Alliance and their Priority Setting Partnerships