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Career development

A skilled clinical research delivery workforce is crucial to making research happen in the NHS and other health and social care settings.

The NIHR wants to attract, develop and retain the best health and social care professionals to lead and support the delivery of important research. There are currently over 10,000 front-line research delivery staff working throughout the NHS who are funded or part-funded by the NIHR.

Delivering high quality clinical research care

Clinical research nurses and midwives, allied health professionals, social care professionals, doctors, dentists and clinical research practitioners play an important role in the delivery of high quality research care. We support their development and raise awareness of their roles through a number of campaigns and initiatives.

The NIHR Academy supports the development of a skilled academic research workforce by providing career support and training, access to leadership development opportunities, networking events, mentoring and guidance on research funding.

Enhance your professional development by reviewing

Keep up with the latest developments in health and social care research, and play a vital role in maintaining and improving the quality of NIHR research. External peer reviewers help us at every stage of the research process, prioritising research topics, ensuring we fund the best applications, and helping to shape the open access reports published by the NIHR Journals Library.

Reviewing research briefs, proposals and research outputs can also be used as evidence of continuing professional development (CPD), and for consultant grade medical reviewers, there is the additional attraction that peer review for NIHR is recognised in Clinical Excellence Award submissions. Find out more about becoming a peer reviewer.


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