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Nurses and Midwives

Find out about research career opportunities and how we can support you if you are a nurse or midwife in England.

We can help you develop your career in supporting, delivering or leading research.

Short internships to develop publication writing skills - Applications open! 

How to get involved in research

As a nurse or midwife, you can help with research projects to improve services for patients and staff. You can also support people to take part in research trials.

Where to find out more

Find out about:

You can also ask your employer’s research and development team about studies in your clinical area.

What do research nurses and midwives do?

You can become a research nurse or midwife as part of a research delivery team. The video below explains what research nurses do:

Responsibilities include:

  • inviting people to join research studies
  • caring for patients
  • carrying out study procedures
  • developing new treatments or procedures based on research findings

Training to support and deliver research

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

If you support clinical research delivery at the NHS, UK universities and other publicly funded organisations in England, you need to do GCP training:

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) 

Courses on NIHR Learn

NIHR Learn is a free online learning platform that allows you to enrol on a variety of online and face-to-face training courses:

NIHR Learn

Training to lead research

Principal Investigator Pipeline Programme (PIPP)

Are you a research delivery nurse or midwife who wants to develop their research leadership skills?

The NIHR’s Principal Investigator Pipeline Programme (PIPP) aims to address some of the current gaps in career opportunities for research delivery nurses and midwives by supporting them to become Principal Investigators (PIs) to deliver NIHR portfolio studies.

Principal Investigator Pipeline Programme (PIPP)

Senior Research Leader - Nursing and Midwifery Programme

This three-year programme aims to develop nurses and midwives into senior research leaders. As a senior research leader, you can drive forward meaningful changes within your organisation and beyond.

Senior Research Leader - Nursing and Midwifery Programme

Short internships to develop publication writing skills - Applications open!

If you’re a research nurse or midwife who wants to develop their publication writing skills, apply for the NIHR Nursing & Midwifery Publication Internship.

What does the internship offer?

The internship will pay for your time to work with the Chief Investigator of a portfolio study to write a section of a publication.

An experienced author will mentor you.

We will reimburse your salary for 13 days over a three month period. This works out as 0.2 Whole Time Equivalent (WTE) for your time.

Deadline for applications

Apply by Monday 18 December 2023.

How to apply

Please fill in the NIHR Nursing and Midwifery Publication Internship Application Form

Clinical academic career development opportunities

You can apply for research training awards through:

The Senior Clinical and Practitioner Research Award is a flexible post-doctoral award which provides funding for up to 5 years to focus on a broad range of research activities to support career development.

Need advice?

For advice on which scheme is right for you, call 0113 532 8444 or email 

Our plans to improve research opportunities

  • The RISE (Research In Community Settings) project aims to develop research-related roles for nurses and midwives in community, public health, primary and social care settings
  • NIHR Pre-Registration Nursing & Midwifery Research Delivery Awareness Programme is an interactive resource for students that launched in December 2023
  • Hybrid research placement pilot for students
  • Research to understand the enablers and barriers to research roles for nurses and midwives

70@70 Senior Nurse and Midwife Research Leader Alumni

The 70@70 Research Leader Programme was aimed at senior nurses and midwives to promote the importance of a vibrant integrated research culture. It finished in March 2022 and:

  • implemented over 300 research initiatives
  • reached more than 3,000 nurses and midwives
  • increased the support, delivery and leadership of research by nurses and midwives across the health and care system

Examples of achievements:

Director of Nursing and Midwifery

Professor Ruth Endacott is the Director of Nursing and Midwifery at the NIHR

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Key partners

We work closely with NHS England’s Chief Nursing Office to align our plans for research. Download the Chief Nursing Officer for England’s strategic plan for research (PDF)

We also work with:

Nursing and Midwifery Incubator

The NIHR Nursing and Midwifery Incubator has been established to accelerate capacity building and support the development of a skilled clinical academic research workforce across the nursing and midwifery professions.