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Disseminate research

The NIHR puts good research evidence at the heart of decision making in the NHS, public health and social care, helping clinicians, commissioners and patients to make evidence-based decisions about which treatments and practices are most effective and provide the best use of resources.

We can combine networks and work together to share research findings, to ensure that our research findings reach a wider audience and support more widespread changes to practice.

Disseminating your research

We can help you disseminate the findings of your research so you reach the appropriate audiences to implement change.

NIHR Evidence makes health and care research findings informative, accessible, relevant and ready for use for all.

NIHR Alerts are short summaries of the latest health research presented in plain English to promote use of research by all members of society. Alerts explain why the study was needed, what the study found, what the implications are of the findings and what's likely to happen next.

You can submit publications from research you’ve funded to be considered for Alerts. By being covered in an Alert, your research could reach a broad range of evidence users.

Disseminating our research

The evidence from NIHR-funded research can only influence change if it reaches the right users and is put into practice. You can help us by using your clinical and patient networks to disseminate NIHR research findings.

The majority of NIHR research findings are published in the NIHR Journals Library.

NIHR Open Research allows NIHR researchers to publish not only study findings but also incremental findings, case reports and even negative findings, thus supporting the entire life cycle of research.

You can help us influence change by including NIHR evidence in your materials, such as patient information and other literature for your members and the wider public.

You can also help us by encouraging your clinical and patient networks to disseminate and use NIHR Alerts, Collections and Themed Reviews.