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Fund research

The NIHR funds more than £250 million a year of high quality, patient and public-centred health, public health and social care research through our research programmes.

We can collaborate to co-fund high quality research in areas of shared interest, to reduce duplication in research funding and maximise the impact of our respective investments.

By collaborating with the NIHR in areas where our missions are aligned, you can add value to your charity’s research investment and extend its national and international reach.

Smaller charities can increase the scale and impact of their research funding by partnering with the NIHR. Larger charities may wish to support joint calls in areas of mutual priority and offer their strategic view of where our two organisations can collectively make the most impact in a particular disease area.

By signposting opportunities for follow on funding to each other and our networks, we can join up the research ecosystem to ensure that studies progress and reach patient and public benefit sooner.

Co-fund with NIHR research programmes

We can collaborate to co-fund individual research projects, where our research priorities are aligned and collaboration will be mutually beneficial.

You can work with us to co-fund research projects within specific researcher-led or commissioned funding calls in your area of interest, by working with the NIHR research programmes.

Charities seeking to co-fund research need to work with a researcher in their area and support their application to the NIHR. You should also approach the NIHR at the earliest opportunity to discuss our interest in the research proposal and co-funding.

As well as collaborating to fund individual projects, charities can also collaborate with the NIHR to co-fund NIHR funding calls.

Versus Arthritis

Versus Arthritis has collaborated with NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) to fund programmes of research and funding calls on the topic of chronic pain

“There aren’t many organisations who are funding research at the applied end of the spectrum, so NIHR was an obvious partner,” said Anna Durrans, Research Programme Manager at Versus Arthritis.

“Given the size of our charity, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the impact we’re aiming for without collaborating with the NIHR.”