Faster costing and contracting

The NHS is made up of many separate organisations. To facilitate faster costing and contracting between commercial sponsors and NHS sites, there are two UK-wide tools which enable NHS organisations to work together to speed up study set-up:

  • interactive Costing Tool: a standardised commercial costing methodology for resource and location based price calculations.
  • Model agreements: a suite of standard agreements designed for a range of research scenarios, including a model confidentiality agreement, and supported by guidance documents all available as templates within IRAS.

National contract value review (NCVR) 

How we use these tools is changing. A UK national contract value review (NCVR) process, using these tools, is being implemented from 1 October 2022 to further improve study set-up times. Visit the NHS England website to find out more about the NCVR

Benefits of the new national contract value review process:

  • A UK-wide, standardised, approach to costing and contracting for commercial contract research.
  • Improved consistency in multi-site study set-up.
  • Increasing the speed and efficiency of research set-up - increasing the capacity for more research in the NHS .

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