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Research recovery and reset

To address the post-pandemic challenges across UK clinical research delivery system to support the delivery of research, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and colleagues in the devolved administrations, have been working with partners across the UK to identify measures to strengthen the UK’s research base and life sciences sector, in a programme on clinical research Recovery, Resilience and Growth (RRG).

As part of this, DHSC introduced the Research Reset programme in 2022. Its aim was to make portfolio delivery achievable within planned timelines (time and target) and sustainable within the resource and capability we currently have in the NHS. The idea was to free up capacity across the research system, by working with funders and sponsors to support the review of studies that have already completed, or that were unlikely to be able to deliver their endpoints in the post-pandemic environment.

The programme has been led by DHSC, with input from an advisory group including representatives from industry, medical research charities, NHS Research and Development, research delivery workforce representatives across NHS settings, patient and public representatives, medical Royal Colleges, universities, the Medical Research Council and NHS regions across the UK.

DHSC asked NIHR to assist with data provision and maintenance of the data integrity of the portfolio during this process. NIHR has been collating the data provided by funders and sponsors, to identify lists of studies that meet certain criteria indicating a study may be suitable for review and action.

During the Research Reset programme, NIHR has been continuing to accept new studies onto the portfolio, in line with current criteria. However, study sites have been asked to reconfirm that such studies really can be delivered in the current circumstances.
Further information and latest updates on the Research Reset programme can be found on the website for the UK Clinical Research Recovery, Resilience and Growth programme. The site is managed and hosted by NIHR on behalf of all of the Programme partners.