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Funding research

Explore information about our funding programmes, schools, research units and libraries of published research. Parts of our infrastructure also provide research funding in specific areas.

Funding programmes

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation

This programme funds studies into the efficacy of new approaches to disease prevention and treatment. It supports clinical trials and other studies which test how interventions may work in practice.

Evidence Synthesis

This programme funds work to identify, review and summarise existing information about the effects of tests, treatments and interventions. It aims to equip health and care decision makers with the best possible information.

Health and Social Care Delivery Research

Funding evaluative research to improve the quality of health and social care services. Typical projects focus on the organisation and accessibility of care.

Health Technology Assessment

Funding research into the clinical and cost-effectiveness of treatments and tests. Funded studies often compare a new technology's existing evidence with the current methods.

Invention for Innovation

Funding the development of medical devices, diagnostics and health technologies at both pre-clinical and clinical stages. Funding to support health and care research involving artificial intelligence (AI) can also be sought through the AI health and care award.

Policy Research

Funding policy research to inform policy makers across health and social care. Policy research helps enabled evidence-based policies.

Programme Grants for Applied Research

A researcher-led grant programme to fund applied health and social care research. Studies seek to address health and care needs in areas other research funders may not focus. Further support for applicants is provided through Programme Development Grants.

Public Health Research

Funding research to improve the health of the public and reduce inequalities. Research aims to generate evidence to inform delivery of non-NHS interventions and test practical interventions.

Research for Patient Benefit

Funding research around the day-to-day practice of health and social care staff. The programme funds studies that aim to increase the effectiveness of services, provide value for money and benefit patients and the public. Its Research for Social Care call funds studies to improve, expand and strengthen the delivery of social care.

Themed calls

Funding opportunities focused on a particular research area, advertised across all our programmes.


Journals Library

The full and permanent record of all NIHR-funded research. Learn more about the projects the NIHR supports and the findings from our work.

NIHR Evidence

A library of simple and easy to read summaries of health and care research findings.


School for Primary Care Research

A partnership between nine leading academic centres for primary care research in England. The school brings together academics and practitioners to collaborate on primary care studies.

School for Public Health Research

A partnership between nine leading academic centres in applied public health research. The centre supports research to improve the health of the population, which can aid policymakers and practitioners.

School for Social Care Research

A partnership between seven universities conducting research in adult social care. The school aims to develop the evidence base to inform and improve adult social care practice in England.

Units and centres

Blood and Transplant Research Units

Research partnerships between universities and NHS Blood & Transplant. There are four units supporting specialist research.

Health Protection Research Units

Research partnerships between universities and the UK Health Security Agency. The units act as centres of excellence in multidisciplinary health protection research.

Policy Research Units

There are 15 units across England comprised of experts and researchers. They undertake health and social care policy research to inform policy decision makers. The units can provide evidence to respond to new and emerging policy needs.

Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre

The national hub for trauma research. It aims to improve trauma care for patients through research built on military, NHS and scientific partnerships. The centre is funded by the NIHR and the Ministry of Defence.

Driving a change in activity levels among truckers

Read how NIHR researchers investigated an activity programme to improve the health and wellbeing of heavy goods vehicle drivers.