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Our research performance

We publish data on our performance, including how we are improving research delivery and supporting researchers in meeting their targets. We also monitor and publish data on research performance across the NHS.

NIHR Clinical Research Network performance

The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) provides the infrastructure and funding to support delivery of high quality clinical research.

The CRN performance page provides information about the effectiveness of the network in improving research delivery and supporting researchers in meeting their targets, as well as reporting against objectives such as increasing the number of CRN-supported studies and number of research participants.

Find out more about the performance of the NIHR Clinical Research Network. 

NHS performance in initiating and delivering research

The NIHR measures the performance of all providers of NHS services in initiating and delivering research, on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care. The government uses this information to ensure that clinical research in England is conducted efficiently and effectively.

The NIHR collects data from all providers of NHS services in England that undertake clinical research, including trusts that undertake NIHR-funded research and those that deliver studies on the CRN portfolio. This is known as the Performance in Initiating and Delivering Clinical Research (PID) exercise.

Find out what data is submitted to the PID exercise and how.

We analyse these data to understand how quickly providers of NHS services are recruiting patients to clinical trials and how they are performing against their contractual requirements.

We publish comparison tables showing the performance of all organisations that submit to the PID exercise and trend analyses showing performance across the country as a whole.

These data allow organisations to compare their performance against that of other providers in their region and seek improvements, to increase the number of patients having the opportunity to participate in research and to enhance the nation’s attractiveness as a host for research.

View our data on performance in initiating and delivering research.