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Applied Health Research on Dementia (2011)



During early 2011, the NIHR issued a call for research on dementia. This call extended across the translational pathway, including cause, cure and care, and prevention. Seven of the NIHR research programmes participated. This call is now closed.

The call supported the NIHR response to ‘Living well with Dementia – A National Dementia Strategy', published in February 2009. It also supported the work of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research (MAGDR), on ways to improve the volume and impact of dementia research. A briefing event was held at Central Hall Westminster, London in January 2011, at which Paul Burstow, MP, Minister of State for Care Services, officially announced the call. Researchers were able to listen to speakers from MAGDR, and find out more about the support and funding provided by the NIHR for this call.

Status: Closed
Date opened: March 2011
Date closed: 20 May 2011

The following NIHR managed research programmes participated:
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation (EME)
Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR)
Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR)
Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB)
• Service Delivery and Organisation (SDO)

Funding outcomes:

Research Programme  NIHR reference  Application Title  Lead Applicant
EME 11/47/03 Reducing pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease through Angiotensin TaRgetting – The RADAR Trial Dr Patrick Kehoe
EME 11/47/01 Minocycline in Alzheimer's Disease Efficacy Trial: The MADE Trial Prof Robert Howard
HS&DR 11/2000/05 The detection and management of pain in patients with dementia in acute care settings: development of a decision tool Prof Dawn Dowding
HS&DR 11/2000/11 Improving care for people with dementia: development and initial feasibility study for evaluation of Life Story work in dementia care Ms Kate Gridley
HS&DR 11/2000/13 The prevalence of visual impairment in people with dementia Mr Michael Bowen
HS&DR 11/1017/04 Service provision for older people who are homeless and have memory problems Prof Jill Manthorpe
HS&DR 11/1017/18 A multi-site evaluation of the Person, Interactions & Environment (PIE) tool to improve person-centred care for people with dementia admitted to acute hospital wards. Prof John Young
HS&DR 11/1017/07 Comorbidity and dementia: improving healthcare for people with dementia. (CoDem) Dr Frances Bunn
HTA 10/50/02 Assistive Technology and Telecare to maintain Independent Living At home for people with dementia: The ATTILA Trial Prof Robert Howard
HTA 11/15/04 Goal-oriented cognitive rehabilitation in early-stage Alzheimer's disease: multi-centre single-blind randomised controlled trial (GREAT) Prof Linda Clare
HTA 11/15/13 Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) to enable Person-centred Care Training (PCCT) for people with dementia and staff: A UK cluster randomised controlled trial in care homes (DCM EPIC trial) Dr Clare Surr
PGfAR DTC-RP-PG0311-12001 Improving the diagnosis and management of dementias of Lewy body type in the NHS (DIAMAND-Lewy)  Prof John O'Brien
PGfAR DTC-RP-PG0311-12003 Effective home support in dementia care: components, impact and costs of tertiary prevention. Prof David Challis
PGfAR DTC-RP-PG0311-12004 Post-Operative Study Evaluating Inpatient Interventions in Dementia Occurring following fractured Neck of femur – POSEIIDON—Project Dr George Christopher Fox
RfPB PB-PG-0211- 24123 Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibition with simvastatin in mechanically ventilated patients at high risk of delirium  Dr Valerie Page
RfPB PB-PG-0211- 24078 Strategies for managing Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia (BPSD) for community dwelling older people: evidence into practice Dr Daksha Trivedi
RfPB PB-PG-0211- 24140 Prevention Of Falls in COGnitively impaired older adults living in residential care (PROF-COG) A pilot multi-factorial intervention to prevent falls in older people living in care homes tailored towards risk factors related to cognitive impairment  Ms Julie Whitney
RfPB PB-PG-0211- 24044 Investigation of screening tools for amnestic mild cognitive impairment (a-MCI)  Prof John Young
RfPB PB-PG-0211- 24079 Using Conversation Analysis in the Differential Diagnosis of Memory Problems: a pilot study Dr Markus Reuber