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EME Strategy Advisory Committee members



MRC-NIHR funding collaboration

The EME Strategy Advisory Committee provides advice to the EME Programme Director on the scientific strategy for the programme.

Professor Danny McAuley Director EME Programme Director and Chair of the EME Strategy Advisory Committee
Professor John Norrie Chair EME Funding Committee    
Professor Eric Alton Deputy Chair EME Funding Committee
Mr Mike Batley Department of Health and Social Care
Mr Michael Bowdery Health & Care Research Wales
Professor Ian Bruce Biomedical Research Centre representative
Professor Lucy Chappell Research Professor representative
Professor Patrick Chinnery MRC Clinical Director
Professor Janet Dunn EME Funding Committee representative
Dr Louise Jones MRC Head of Translation
Mr Richard Hebdon Innovate UK
Dr Alan McNair Chief Scientist Office Scotland
Mr Richard Parnell EME Funding Committee PPI member
Dr Clive Wolsley Health and Social Care R&D, Northern Ireland