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HTA Programme Oversight Committee (Commissioned Workstream) public minutes - February 2024


Published: 18 April 2024

Version: 1.0 February 2024

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Date: Friday 9 February 2024


Virtual meeting

Present members: HTA Programme Oversight Committee

Professor Andrew Farmer (Chair)
Professor Peter Brindle
Professor Anthony De Soyza
Professor Catherine Hewitt
Professor Geraldine Macdonald
Professor Rupert Pearse
Ms Gail Thornton
Mrs Pritpal Virk
Professor Olivia Wu

Present members: NIHR HTA representatives

Mrs Becky Barnett-Neve
Dr Cristina Barroso
Miss Samantha Bourke
Dr Tara Cheetham-Blake
Dr Christian Cox
Dr Lisa Douet
Dr Liz Lemm
Miss Katherine Ouseley
Dr Eve Pearce
Dr Natalie Shearwood-Porter
Mr Mark Townsend


Dr Alan McNair
Dr Ruchi Baxi
Dr Jason Horsley
Dr James Morris


Ms Sally Bailey
Mr Michael Bowdery
Dr Janet Diffin
Dr Julie McCarroll

Research priority decisions

The HTA Programme Oversight Committee considered a total of 14 detailed briefing papers (research briefs).  The outcomes are listed below:

Prioritisation Committee: Primary and Community Based Care 

Call number: 24/17 (re-advertise previously 23/41)
Research type: Primary research
Title: Management of chronic plaque psoriasis (broad brief)

Call number: Not for current advert
Research type: Primary research
Title: Pharmacological treatment with and without cognitive-behavioural therapy for harmful gambling

Call number: 24/14
Research type: Primary research
Title: Facilitated access to mutual aid for adults with problem alcohol and drug use

Call number: Not to be re-advertised
Research type: Primary research
Title: Self-administration of parenteral vitamin B12 replacement for deficiency

Call number: 24/15
Research type: Primary
Title: Pain Management Programmes for Endometriosis

Prioritisation Committee: Hospital Based Care

Call number: 24/19 (re-advertise, previously 23/42)
Research type: Primary
Title: Endoscopic modalities for detection of Barrett’s oesophagus related neoplasia

Call number: 24/10 (re-advertise, previously 23/32)
Research type: Primary
Title: Optimal management of perianal Crohn’s disease

Call number: 24/11 (re-advertise, previously 23/38)
Research type: Primary research
Title: Nebulised therapy in patients with stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and disabling breathlessness

Call number: Not for re-advert, return to future POC
Research type: Primary
Title: Interventions to reduce hospital-based medication administration errors

Call number: Not to be advertised – return to future POC
Research type: Primary
Title: What is the clinical and cost effectiveness of intracapsular or extracapsular tonsillectomy versus conservative management for paediatric sleep disordered breathing?

Call number: To be advertised as a later date
Research type: Primary
Title: Comparing surgery to conservative management for the treatment of tennis elbow Broad with persistent symptoms
Prioritisation Committee: Social Care

Call number: 24/12 (re-advertise, previously 23/97)
Research type: Primary research
Title: Pairing a child or young people in care with a non-related adult for regular social meetings and skills training

Call number: 24/16
Research type: Primary research
Title: The effectiveness of technologies for people living with deafblindness in social care settings

Prioritisation Committees: Primary and Community Based Care; Hospital Based Care and Social Care

Call number: 24/18
Research type: Broad brief
Title: Broad call for trials evaluating the clinical and cost-effectiveness of core nursing interventions

Future HTA Programme Oversight Committee 2024 meetings: 2024 dates

Friday 14 June 2024
Friday 18 October 2024