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Integrated Research Intelligence System (incl. CPMS / LPMS)


Published: 28 May 2019

Version: May2019/1.0

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The NIHR’s Integrated Research Intelligence System (IRIS) is a suite of digitally connected systems that provide access to Clinical Research Network (CRN) services and record essential information about studies for the purpose of supporting research delivery, continuous improvement and performance management.

It consists of a number of cloud based systems, which are interconnected, enabling research data to be shared between systems through an automated process.

The IRIS improves data quality by reducing the amount of manual data entry required within the different information systems. It also reduces cross-checking of information and prevents data discrepancies from occurring.

Through the IRIS, we can access information around the life-cycle of studies, which enables greater insight and the delivery of more effective support, both locally and nationally, for clinical research in the NHS, public health and social care.

Our Integrated Research Intelligence System comprises:

The Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS)

The Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) holds the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio, as well as the network portfolios of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. CPMS is used by the CRN to support study management. It’s also used by commercial partners to submit CRN service requests, and is the portal through which the interactive Costing Tool can be accessed.

Find out how to get started and log in to CPMS here. CPMS user guides are available through NIHR Learn.

Local Portfolio Management Systems (LPMS)

Local Portfolio Management Systems are used by Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs) and their Partner Organisations to manage local research delivery and associated processes. A number of different Local Portfolio Management Systems have been procured by the Local Research Networks. These are:

Integrated Research Application System (IRAS)

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) is a single system for applying for the permissions and approvals for health, social and community care research in the UK, owned by the Health Research Authority (HRA). Through working in partnership with the HRA, NIHR is able to receive essential study information to support delivery of NIHR processes such as eligibility for NIHR Clinical Research Network support.

International Standard Registered Clinical/soCial sTudy Number (ISRCTN)

The interface between CPMS and the ISRCTN register enables the automated registration with ISRCT for English, non-commercial studies with an interventional component funded by the Department of Health in England.

The NIHR Open Data Platform

The NIHR Open Data Platform (ODP) is the NIHR’s platform to bring together research data and display it as research intelligence.

NIHR Reference and Terminology Service (RTS)

In order for research information systems to communicate with each other consistently and effectively, they need to use the same language. The RTS is designed to provide this language by acting as a single repository for all research reference data, which is capable of “talking” with any operational system.

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