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Invention for Innovation – PDA Call 22 Stage 2 Minutes Committee A


Published: 10 January 2022

Version: 1.0 - January 2022

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Minutes of the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme Committee A Meeting to discuss applications to Product Development Awards Call 22 Stage 2.

Date and Location

Meeting held on Tuesday 23 November 2021 via Zoom virtual meeting.

In attendance

Ms Emma Palmer Foster (Chair)
Professor Paul Sibbons (Deputy Chair)
Mr Ravi Chana
Ms Mary Anne Cordeiro
Ms Alice Evans
Professor Gail Hayward
Dr Eldrid Herrington
Professor David Jayne
Dr Thomas Keeble
Dr Zahid Latif
Ms Stella O'Brien
Dr Nick de Pennington
Dr Krishan Ramdoo
Dr Matthew Reeves
Dr Julie Simmonds
Dr Andrew Sims
Dr Peter Watkinson
Dr Glenn Wells

NIHR CCF i4i Secretariat 

Professor Mike Lewis (Programme Director)
Dr Ruth Nebauer (Assistant Director)
Dr Andrew Barber
Dr Fanny Burrows
Dr Silvana Cossins
Dr Michelle Edye
Dr Aayesha Hassan
Dr Caterina Lombardo
Mrs Paula Milton
Dr Ian Newington
Miss Deimante Normantaite
Dr Sandra Nwokeoha
Mr Edwin Tucker
Dr Xi Ye


Professor James Moore (Written comments)
Dr Peter Webster
Mr Tim Wright

Operations Team

Mrs Kathryn Rumney
Ms Tanya Dixey
Ms Harkerat Jandu


Mr Chris Sawyer
Mrs Jacqueline Emkes
Mr Derek Jerome
Ms Lisa Wright

Applications assessed at Stage 2

NIHR203347: Evaluating the impact of clinically underpinned digital gamification and animation on children and family mental health outcomes
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR203361: Automated analysis of ultrasound muscle imaging in cervical dystonia
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR203389: Path Feel - a smart insole to improve balance, prevent falls, and increase quality of life, using therapeutic feedback and actionable data insights
Conflict Committee Member: Dr Andrew Sims
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR203390: Development of the Leukocyte ImmunoTest(TM) System for rapid monitoring of sepsis in Intensive Care
Conflict Committee Member: Dr Nick de Pennington, Dr Peter Watkinson, Professor Gail Hayward, Dr Glenn Wells
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR203395: Safety and efficacy of a novel anti-microbial burn wound dressing
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR203399: Development and Validation of a contactless tool for measuring patient tremor
Conflict Committee Member: Dr Peter Watkinson, Professor David Jayne
Funding Committee recommendation: Support

NIHR203413: A point-of-care blood test for early high-risk prostate cancer detection
Conflict Committee Member: Dr Matthew Reeves
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject

NIHR203417: Electrical stimulation as treatment for dry age-related macular degeneration: Device development and tolerability studies
Conflict Committee Member: None
Funding Committee recommendation: Reject