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Leadership e-learning module descriptions


Published: 09 October 2023

Version: 3 - January 2024

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The Leadership e-learning resources are delivered as individual modules. You can work through them as flexible resources to dip into as and when you need them.

To access the Leadership e-learning modules, log into the NIHR’s online learning platform NIHR Learn, select Leadership Development and then Leadership e-learning Modules. To register with NIHR Learn, visit Accessing NIHR Learn.

NIHR Leadership e-learning modules

Module 1: New leader toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to support leaders with varying levels of seniority and experience, navigate their new role, to make an impact with their teams and the wider organisation as soon as possible.

This toolkit aims to provide:

  • a point-of-need resource and tools to support a leaders journey into a new role
  • space to reflect on where they have come from and how to position themselves for success in the future
  • practical checklists and exercises to support crafting an inclusive team culture
  • support to foster strategically important relationships to support implementing quick wins and ongoing strategies

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Module 2: Hybrid working

The future of work is hybrid, with the majority of organisations adapting it as their business model. But hybrid is more than just a business model or a working pattern, it’s a profound shift in how we think about work. And how this new mind-set manifests itself in our work is entirely individual, based on the needs of our role, our team and our life outside work.

There is simply no one-size fits all approach to hybrid working, which is why this module is here to help you explore how to get the most out of hybrid working for you and your team.

By the end of this engaging e-learning participants will:

  • explore how to ensure their team feel motivated and everyone’s contribution matters
  • understand how to make hybrid working work for them, whatever their preferences
  • learn how to build and maintain a connection between teams
  • discover how to create a community that is united  around a shared purpose

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Module 3: Self awareness

Someone strong in self-awareness knows themselves well, understanding their own values, emotions and behaviours and the impact these can have on others.

By the end of this engaging e-learning course participants will:

  • understand what it means to be self-aware
  • gain insight into their strengths, values, preferences and ways of working
  • appreciate the gap between intention and perception, and how this can impact brand at work

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Module 4: Inspiring others with a clear vision

Inspiring others with a clear vision is a critical leadership skill, providing teams with a shared sense of purpose which can drive motivation to deliver on both short and longer term goals. Bestselling leadership author Hans Finzel wrote 'where there is no vision, the people won't follow. Vision for a better future is the great motivator.'

By the end of this engaging e-learning participants will:

  • be clear on the definition of a vision and be guided through a process to create (or refine) a vision of their own
  • learn how to communicate their vision with others and get tips on how to embed it into everyday working practices
  • understand how to make their vision achievable
  • know how to strengthen and maintain their vision over time to keep others inspired
  • take on board the importance of an agile approach to modifying their vision

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Module 5: Strategic awareness

In a game of chess if you’re only focussing on your next move, it’s likely you’ll miss something. True strategy masters are able to spot patterns, pivot in the moment and identify their opponents. Strategic awareness embodies the application of this approach in a leader’s everyday decisions and activity.

By the end of this engaging e-learning course participants will:

  • explore what strategic awareness is and why it’s important for leaders
  • uncover 3 thinking mindsets which will add value to their day to day decisions, thinking and behaviour
  • utilise practical tools such as the PESTLE analysis and network mapping
  • learn how to take a ‘learn and test’ approach to implementing new ideas and strategies

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Module 6: Agile working and staying flexible

While some planning is essential, it can hamper innovation and block off new opportunities. Today leaders need to step back and look at the bigger picture. There is constant change, shifting priorities and moving goal posts. As a leader, having things set in stone feels safe, but this will leave you stuck. Adjusting to your environment with an agile mindset is safer.

By the end of this engaging e-learning course participants will:

  • uncover what enables leaders to flourish at work
  • discover the benefits of uncertainty, exploring practical ways to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • embrace the 'pivot' mindset to become ready and seek out change and new opportunities
  • consider the value of engaging with diverse perspectives as a leader

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