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Membership of the Policy Research Programme funding committee



The Policy Research Programme recommends research proposals for funding through its core committee.

Committee chair

Professor Jill Manthorpe is chair of the Policy Research Programme funding committee.

Core committee members

Name Organisation Position
Professor Nan Greenwood Kingston University London Professor of Health and Social Care Research
Professor Kevin Brazil Queen's University Belfast Professor in Palliative Care
Professor Jennifer Whitty University of East Anglia Professor of Health Economics
Dr Mai Stafford The Health Foundation Principal data analyst, quantitative methodology
Professor Catherine Law University College London Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology
Professor Ruth McDonald University of Manchester Professor of Health Science Research and Policy
Professor Sharon Simpson University of Glasgow Professor of Behavioural Sciences and Health
Professor Andrew Hill University of Leeds Professor of Medical Psychology

Public committee members

 Mr Paul Andersen
 Mr Stephen Edgar
 Mrs Una Rennard
 Mr Nanik Pursani