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NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships in Dentistry 2023 - Allocated Posts


Published: 23 September 2022

Version: V1.0

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The list of NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs) in Dentistry is correct at the time of publishing (October 2021) and will not be updated as posts are filled.

Integrated Academic Training (IAT) Partnerships are free to advertise the posts at any time during the recruitment window. For queries about a specific post, please contact the relevant Dentistry Academic Contacts in the first instance.

Please use Oriel to find which NIHR ACF dental posts are currently available.


ACF-2022-09-013 Restorative Dentistry
ACF-2022-09-014 Oral Surgery


ACF-2022-25-014 DCT
ACF-2022-25-015 DCT

King's College London

ACF-2022-17-018 Orthodontics
ACF-2022-17-019 Prosthodontics


ACF-2022-02-014 DCT
ACF-2022-02-015 Periodontics


ACF-2022-07-010 DCT
ACF-2022-07-011 General Dental Practice (Part Funded)


ACF-2022-06-013 TBC
ACF-2022-06-014 TBC


ACF-2022-01-012 DCT
ACF-2022-01-013 DCT


ACF-2022-24-007 Dental Public Health
ACF-2022-24-008 Paediatric Dentistry

Queen Mary University of London

ACF-2022-19-012 Oral Surgery
ACF-2022-19-013 Prosthodontics


ACF-2022-04-010 Dental Public Health
ACF-2022-04-011 Special Care Dentistry

University College London

ACF-2022-18-019 Dental Public Health
ACF-2022-18-020 Special Care Dentistry

University of Central Lancashire

ACF-2022-30-001 TBC