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NIHR Senior Investigators 2019



20 re-appointments

Name Affiliation  Primary field of research 
Professor Caroline Sabin University College London  Epidemiology
Professor Chris Hollis University of Nottingham Psychiatry
Professor David A Lomas University College London Respiratory Diseases
Professor David EJ Jones Newcastle University Gastroenterology & Hepatology 
Professor Edward Bullmore University of Cambridge Psychiatry
Professor Emily Simonoff King's College London  Psychiatry
Professor Fang Gao University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust Anaesthesiology 
Professor Graham Lord King's College London Immunology
Professor Jane M Blazeby University of Bristol  Surgery
Professor Jane Sandall King's College London Health Care Science & Services
Professor Janet Dunn University of Warwick Statistical Sciences
Professor Jonathan Mant University of Cambridge Primary Health Care
Professor Judith Stephenson University College London Public Health
Professor Kamlesh Khunti University of Leicester Primary Health Care
Professor Keith Godfrey University of Southampton Nutrition & Dietetics
Professor Lyn S Chitty Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust Genetics & Heredity
Professor Paula Williamson University of Liverpool Statistical Sciences
Professor Philip Beales Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust Genetics & Heredity
Professor Philip Quirke University of Leeds Pathology
Professor William Rosenberg University College London Gastroenterology & Hepatology

26 new appointments

Name   Affiliation Primary field of research
Professor Alan Knox Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust  Respiratory Diseases
Professor Alastair D Hay  University of Bristol  Primary Health Care
Professor Andrew Hayward  University College London Public Health
Professor Ann Denise McNeill  King's College London  Public Health
Professor Ann Sarah Walker NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre  Infectious Diseases
Professor Antonio Belli University of Birmingham Neurosciences
Professor Catherine Williamson King's College London Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Professor Chris Todd  The University of Manchester Health Care Science & Services 
Professor Helen McShane University of Oxford Infectious Diseases
Professor Hisham Mehanna  University of Birmingham Otorhinolaryngology
Professor Jaclyn Smith The University of Manchester Respiratory Diseases
Professor John Isaacs Newcastle University Rheumatology
Professor Jonathan Benger University of the West of England, Bristol Emergency Medicine
Professor Kevin J Munro  The University of Manchester Other
Professor Krysia Dziedzic Keele University Primary Health Care
Professor Louise Howard King's College London Psychiatry
Professor Mark Thursz Imperial College London Cardiology & Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Matthew Costa University of Oxford Orthopaedics
Professor Mike Crawford Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust Psychiatry
Professor Naomi Fulop University College London Health Policy & Services
Professor Nicholas Reynolds Newcastle University Dermatology
Professor Perry Elliott University College London Cardiology & Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Philip Newsome University of Birmingham Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Professor Pip Logan University of Nottingham Rehabilitation
Professor Richard McManus University of Oxford Primary Health Care
Professor Timothy Illidge The University of Manchester Oncology & Carcinogenesis

18 new Emeritus Senior Investigators

Name Affiliation Primary field of research 
Professor Julia Brown University of Leeds Statistical Sciences
Professor Alastair Buchan University of Oxford Neurosciences
Professor Sir John Burn Newcastle University  Genetics & Heredity
Professor Andrew Bush  Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust  Paediatrics
Professor David Cunningham The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust  Oncology & Carcinogenesis 
Professor Peter Fonagy  University College London Psychology
Professor David Garway-Heath  Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  Ophthalmology, Optometry & Orthoptics
Professor Christopher Griffiths The University of Manchester Dermatology
Professor Rury Holman University of Oxford  Endocrinology
Professor Nicholas Morrell Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Cardiology & Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Willem HendrikOuwehand University of Cambridge Haematology
Professor Ian Pavord University of Oxford Respiratory Diseases
Professor Dudley Pennell Royal Brompton Hospital Cardiology & Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Peter Sever Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Internal Medicine
Professor Jonathan Weber Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Infectious Diseases
Professor JadwigaWedzicha Imperial College London Respiratory Diseases
Professor Nicholas W Wood University College London Neurology
Professor Ashley Woodcock University Hospital Of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust Respiratory Diseases