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Research for Patient Benefit - East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee


01 January 2019


2.0 - February 2022


NIHR Research for Patient Benefit is a national funding programme that funds research on a regional level through eight Regional Advisory Committees. Each region has a local committee chair and members, and patient or public members.

Regional chair

Professor Roshan das Nair is Chair of the East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee.

Committee members





Professor Abhishek Abhishek

Professor of Rheumatology and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist

University of Nottingham

Rheumatology Epidemiology Clinical Trials

Dr Ajanta Biswas

Public Member



Professor Matthew Bown

Professor of Vascular Surgery

University of Leicester

Clinical trials, cardiovascular surgery, observational clinical studies, cohort recruitment, screening genomics

Dr Apostolos Fakis

Head of Medical Statistics and Data Management and Honorary Assistant Professor

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust and University of Nottingham

Expert reviewer of NIHR programs & journals, and co-applicant / trial statistician on funded clinical trials. Experienced chartered medical statistician and methodologist, with expertise in planning, analysing and reporting clinical trials including , parallel and cross-over RCTs, longitudinal, case-control, cohort, diagnostic, cross-sectional, feasibility / pilot, and systematic literature reviews

Dr Clare Gillies

Lecturer in Medical Statistics

Leicester Diabetes Centre, University of Leicester

Medical statistics, evidence synthesis, meta-analysis, and decision modelling (including the assessment of cost-effectiveness)

Dr Maddie Groom

Associate Professor in Applied Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Nottingham

Developmental cognitive neuroscience; ADHD; autism spectrum; comorbidity; remote monitoring; technology

Dr Louise Jackson

Lecturer in Health Economics

University of Birmingham

"Health economics, Health services research Renal and urogenital, Reproductive health and childbirth, Infection"

Professor Graham Law

Professor of Medical Statistics

University of Lincoln

Published extensively in epidemiology and medical statistics. His research focusses on sleep and the consequences of good and poor sleep on metabolic and cardiovascular health

Dr Paul Leighton

Associate Professor of Applied Health Services Research

University of Nottingham

Qualitative research methods, with a particular interest in qualitative research methods as used in the development and delivery of clinical trials

Professor Dileep Lobo

Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery

University of Nottingham & Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Surgical nutrition and metabolism, Fluid and electrolyte balance, Chronic pancreatitis, Pancreatic cancer, Laparoscopic surgery, Inflammation, Pancreatic surgery, Emergency surgery

Dr Nicola Mackintosh

Associate Professor in Social Science Applied to Health

University of Leicester

Social Scientist with expertise in qualitative methods and use of ethnographic methods for health services research improvement and implementation science

Dr Joseph Manning

Clinical Associate Professor in Children, Young People and Families Nursing

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Children's Nursing, Qualitative research methods, collaborative research with children and young people, intensive care, systematic reviews, quasi-experimental designs

Dr Jatinder Minhas

NIHR Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Registrar

University of Leicester

Expertise in the care of older people and patients with complex health needs. Specifically, I research the haemodynamic changes associated with acute stroke, stroke in the older person and acute care for patients with intracerebral haemorrhage

Mrs Pamela Rees

Public Member



Miss Amanda Rudczenko

Public Member



Professor Catherine Sackley

Professor of Rehabilitation

University of Nottingham

Physioterapy Rehabilitation, Randomised Controlled Trials, Evaluation of complex interventions, Cohort Studies, Pilot and feasibility trials, Systematic reviews, Global Health evaluations, Health economics Health services research, Musculoskeletal Neurological

Dr Samuel Seidu

Clinical Lecturer
General Practice Partner

 University of Leicester  General Practice, Secondary analysis, Health services research, Cardiovascular, Metabolic and endocrine

Professor Don Sharkey

Associate Professor of Neonatal Medicine School of Medicine

University of Nottingham

Neonatal medicine Clinical Trials Medical devices Newborn resuscitation

Dr Wendy Wood

Senior Research Advisor

University of Brighton

Clinical trials, CTIMPs, paediatric research, trial management and delivery