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Your path in research

Why should you engage with research?

Without research, we would not have the interventions and the NHS we have today. If you provide care in the NHS then what you do and how you do it will have been influenced by research. 

Research happens every day, right across the NHS and in a multitude of settings, but how much do you know about it and do you know how to engage with it to benefit you and your patients?

Good for patients:

Good for you:

  • Many healthcare professionals say they find the experience of being involved in research studies positive and rewarding.

Good for your organisation:

Find out more about the ways you can engage with research, with just a few minutes of your time.

Four easy ways to start your research career

Are you looking to take the first steps on your research journey? We've put together four easy ways to get you started, each taking under 30 minutes of your time.  


Take your first step in research

Enhance your research career

Do you want to take the next step in your research career? We've collected a group of inspiring stories about how the NIHR has helped health and care professionals reach their goals, and how we can help you to reach yours.  


Take your next step in research

Good for patients: