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Funder Resource Pack

By strengthening connections between research funding and research delivery we can help funders to get the best value for money and improve the delivery of research they fund.

We worked with funders to design our Funder Resource Pack for NIHR Non-commercial Partners.  The Pack includes advice for funders on the best way to engage with the NIHR Clinical Research Network and materials to help funders to quickly and easily signpost grant applicants and recipients to the NIHR Study Support Service.  This service helps researchers plan, set up and deliver high quality research to time and target in both the NHS, and the wider health and social care environment, across England.

Accessing the service at the beginning of the research process will improve the deliverability of the research project. This will not only benefit research funders but also, more importantly it will benefit the NHS and its patients as research is translated faster into clinical practice.

This resource is intended for use by NIHR non-commercial Partners only.
Find out how to become an NIHR non-commercial Partner.

We have compiled some 'top tips' to help you ensure that, as an NIHR non-commercial Partner, the studies you fund are supported by the full range of services offered through the NIHR Study Support Service. This includes access to NHS infrastructure for research, training and ISRCTN registration.

Our four top tips

  1. Encourage your researchers to engage with the NIHR Clinical Research Network as early as possible in the development of their study. The sooner they get in touch, the more they will benefit from our support. We will provide advice on eligibility for accessing the NIHR Study Support Service,  regulatory submissions, the attribution of costs for a study and exploration of potential recruitment pathways. Researchers should contact your Local Clinical Research Network team to access this support.

  2. Keep your NIHR non-commercial Partner Self-declaration Form up to date to  speed up eligibility decisions and gain faster access to our support. Keep us informed of changes to your funding procedures to avoid delays by submitting an updated Self Declaration to us at: or go to our web page about NIHR non-commercial Partners for further information.

  3. Provide all the necessary information evidencing study funding within your award letter to speed up our eligibility decision and enable your researchers to gain faster access to our support:
    • Full study title (and acronym if available) is required to match the research funding to the study’s application for our support.
    • Clearly labelled award code is required to correctly link the research funding to the study on the NIHR Clinical Research Network  Portfolio.
    • Name of the investigator and/or institution who is the recipient of the award is required to ensure that the funding evidence provided is specific to the study requiring our support.
    • Full name of the funding stream/call is required to quickly determine eligibility using our list of self-declared funding streams or calls.
    • Amount and duration (start and end date) of the award is required to to easily identify whether the research costs provided cover the duration of the study.
    • Contact details (email and phone number) on your award letter is required to address any queries regarding the funding of studies quickly and efficiently.
    • Encourage your award recipients to include the award code and funding stream in their IRAS forms. Alternatively, if the study is already on the NIHR Clinical Research Network  Portfolio, they can update us via the Study Support Service helpdesk with an award letter so we can make sure the information is correct. Email:

  4. Contact our Study Support Service Helpdesk at: or 0113 343 4555 if one of your studies on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio is struggling to deliver. We can  provide site level data to support study-wide oversight and we will support you to produce an action plan to improve recruitment.  Please quote the study’s CPMS ID or IRAS reference number, if known. We will respond within three working days.  Alternatively you can contact your Local Clinical Research Network.


We've worked with funders to produce suggested text for inclusion:

Using this text will help you to promote the benefits of using our  NIHR Study Support Service to researchers.  The wording has been crafted to:

  • Highlight your NIHR non-commercial Partner status to researchers.
  • Outline the benefits this partnership can offer researchers, including the support services we provide.
  • Encourage researchers to access the NIHR Study Support Service as  early as possible in the development of their study. This will help us to to support delivery of the studies you fund to meet their the agreed time lines and study recruitment targets.

We have developed a range of case studies which describe the support we provide to researchers through our NIHR Study Support Service. Click on the links below to find out more.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network  can now support health and social care research taking place outside of traditional NHS settings. This includes social care studies running in care homes or hospices, and public health research taking place in schools and other community settings.

Implementation of this policy change is being closely monitored and we expect further guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care in 2019.

For studies funded by  NIHR non-commercial Partner charities who are also members of the Association of Medical Research Charities, support will extend to the provision of ‘Part B Research costs’, as outlined in the AcoRD Annex B - List of Frequently Asked Questions.

The equivalent of NHS Support will be provided for attributed activities, as defined by AcoRD - the Department of Health guidance for attributing the costs of health and social care research.

Read the full policy: Eligibility Criteria for NIHR Clinical Research Network Support.

NIHR website
Provides information on the support that we offer through our Study Support Service.

Eligibility for our support
To receive our support we need to confirm that your funding stream(s) meet our eligibility criteria.  View the eligibility criteria and find out how a study can apply to be considered for NIHR Clinical Research Network  support.

Study Support Service animation
This handy animation provides an overview of the NIHR Study Support Service.

If you have any queries regarding the performance of your funded studies that have been included on the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio, please contact our Study Support Service Helpdesk.

Please quote the study’s CPMS ID or IRAS reference number, if known. We will respond within three working days.

Other enquiries
Please also contact the Helpdesk if you would like to know more about the study delivery support that is available through our Study Support Service.

We may contact you when supporting delivery of a study which you fund
To support successful study delivery to agreed time lines and the required recruitment target, we may proactively contact you directly to discuss studies that you fund where challenges to delivery have been identified through our infrastructure.

Suggested text for funders

Text for your website

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Text for award letters

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Text for grant applications

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