Oncology Translational Research Collaboration

A network of leading investigators in oncology

The NIHR Oncology Translational Research Collaboration (TRC) brings together experts funded by the NIHR to advance the scientific and translational research agenda in cancer with the aim of translating scientific discoveries into tangible benefits for the patients. We are working in areas of translational research and early treatment development.

“Progress in cancer research demands collaboration and I am delighted the NIHR's leading Biomedical Research Centres will unite through the Oncology TRC. Our programme of work is just beginning, and I am confident that it has the potential to make a significant contribution to improving cancer treatment and care in the next few years.”

Professor Stan Kaye, Chair of the collaboration.

The Challenge

With more people being diagnosed and living with cancer each year, it is expected that one in three people will get cancer in their lifetime and that by 2030, 3.4 million people will be living with the disease in the UK.

The Oncology-TRC’s vision is to build on the NIHR’s existing networks and centres and engage in collaborative, world-class research. The research will be carried out in partnership with industry, charities and other funders of research. The Oncology-TRC brings together internationally recognised investigators from across the UK to carry out cancer research at a scale not achievable at individual centres.

The Oncology-TRC’s ambition is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by engaging multiple partners at a scale not achievable through individual centres. The major focuses of the Oncology-TRC will be on the rapid implementation of findings in the NHS to realise the benefits of research, and building investment and capacity in the field of oncology.

Our Aims

The Oncology-TRC aims to:

  • Facilitate collaboration, access to expertise and delivery of projects.
  • Promote the sharing of best practice and ensure research efforts are not duplicated.
  • Identify and explore opportunities to create strategic alignment with key partners for accelerating cancer research in areas of unmet needs.
  • Mapping the landscape and identifying the gaps in research, as well as identifying ways of collaboration with external partners such as industry and charities.

The TRC is developing four workstreams: Early Diagnosis, Immunotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Surgery. Key elements of these workstreams will be pulled together to help set the agenda for transforming patient experience by engaging NHS, industry, charity and other partners.

Who we are

The NIHR Oncology TRC is led by Chair Professor Stan Kaye from the NIHR Royal Marsden Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).

The breadth of oncology expertise in the UK

This map demonstrates some of the key oncology centres based across the UK (listed below) which are part of this Collaboration.

NIHR Institutions and Academic Leads

Oncology-TRC Workstreams and Workstream Leads

The main focus areas of this collaboration include but are not limited to:

Contact us

To find out more about the NIHR Oncology-TRC, our expertise, and how your company or organisation can collaborate with us, please contact the NIHR by email: nocri@nihr.ac.uk


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