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Translational Research Collaborations

What are Translational Research Collaborations (TRCs)?

NIHR TRCs are collaborative groups of experts from across the UK formed via Biomedical Research Centres. TRCs act as hubs, rallying research communities across the UK. They bring together their relevant experience to tackle translational research challenges in their specific focus areas. . These collaborations aim to:

  • develop a shared strategy for developing and delivering world-leading translational research and innovation projects at scale
  • encourage strategic thinking by engaging with all parts of NIHR infrastructure and relevant academic experts and institutions
  • collaborate with external partners, including patients, the public, the health and care system, charities and industry

Each TRC is set up to address particular challenges aligned with national priorities, including those set by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), the National Health Service (NHS), and to address patient needs.

The current TRCs are:

TRCs carry out research through various workstreams. They foster collaboration across NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (BRCs) and beyond, facilitating collaborative and multidisciplinary research across the UK in strategically important research areas.

How are TRCs funded?

Operational and management costs are covered by NIHR BRC funding, with contributions from TRC member BRCs. Some TRCs also receive financial support from charity partners and other TRC members, which may cover operational costs or fund small-scale research projects.

TRCs demonstrate their success by delivering large scale research projects across multiple centres. They apply for funding from NIHR, other funders, charities and industry.

How to collaborate with TRCs

We welcome discussions about new partnerships with:

  • life science organisations
  • charities
  • the public
  • patients
  • other research funders

How to discuss partnership opportunities

Commercial researchers

Life science organisations and sponsors of commercial research should contact the NIHR industry team to discuss their requirements and explore which facility would be best suited to support them.

Contact the Industry team

Visit our ‘Offer to the Life Sciences Industry’ page to discover the full range of support available to commercial research sponsors developing and delivering research in the UK.

Research experts and early career researchers

If you’re a research expert or early career researcher who wants to collaborate we’re keen to hear from you. Please fill in this form.

How else can I collaborate with the NIHR?

The NIHR encourages and supports other forms of collaboration across the UK to foster good research practices and methodologies to address various challenges facing the health and care system in the United Kingdom. 

Below are some of our prominent collaborations:

Multiple Long Term Conditions Cross-NIHR Collaboration

NIHR Statistics group

Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration

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