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We can help you deliver your study in the NHS

From finding sites to monitoring performance, we offer a range of free support to help get your study up and running and to keep it on track.

We do this by working in partnership with the NHS to deliver high quality clinical research. Our dedicated, research-ready workforce of 10,000+  personnel is embedded throughout the NHS across England. All our NHS sites are connected through our national network. This enables national oversight  of all clinical research activity and local targeting of support through our regional teams.

We also work in partnership with the NHS to ensure our research workforce has the knowledge and skills required to deliver the next generation of complex and innovative clinical trials.

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If your not quite ready to run your study perhaps you’d like to:

  • Access our Early Feedback Service  to  help you to determine if your study is compatible with UK clinical practice and if it can be delivered in the NHS.
  • Contact our Signposting Service to learn how we can support you if you have not developed your protocol or acquired funding yet.

Working across the UK

Our network is for the NHS in England, but you can be assured that we work collaboratively with our colleagues in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland to enable a smooth and quick research delivery experience across the UK.

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Get started by  contacting the Study Support Service Help desk

If your study is already part of the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio and you need support or help with investigators, site set-up, or recruitment issues, contact your local Industry Operations Manager for support.

“Without NIHR support, I don’t believe that we would have been so far in our journey and be at this stage; ready for the study to go live in the next couple of months. And I also don’t think that, as a company, we would really understand how we would develop our evidence strategy at this stage in our life cycle.”
Jonathan Abraham, CEO and Co-founder, Healum

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