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Training researchers

Learn about the ways we support the professional development of people working in research in order to grow research capacity and capability.

Making a difference

Research career development funding from the NIHR Academy supported Gwenllian Wynne-Jones in her development of a vocational advice intervention that significantly reduced work absence among patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Gwenllian wynne jones story

Academic Career Development in NIHR Infrastructure and NIHR Schools

Details of development schemes available across the organisation for NIHR researchers. These include funded placements, development awards and opportunities to work in different centres.

NIHR Academy

The NIHR Academy works to attract, train and support health and care researchers. It co-ordinates academic training, career development and research capacity development.

Fellowship Programme

Fellowships supporting individuals to become leading NIHR researchers. Different fellowships are available at various stages of a researcher's development, from initial pre-doctoral training to senior post-doctoral research.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is the international standard at which all clinical research is conducted. The NIHR offers a range of GCP-compliant training courses for those involved in the delivery of clinical studies.  


Incubators provide high-level career development support. They offer subject-specific training, led by experts and supported by the NIHR Academy.

Integrated Academic Training

Research awards for doctors and dentists. There are three available awards, which support applicants to gain research experience as part of their clinical training.

Integrated Clinical and Practitioner Academic (ICA) Programme

Research training awards for health and social care professionals. The awards support career pathways for those who wish to combine  research with their role as a practitioner. 

Leaders and Support Development Programme

Training programme for research leaders and early to mid-career researchers. The programme includes mentorship schemes and online learning courses. It aims to maintain and improve the quality of leadership in health and social care research. 

NIHR Learn Platform

A hub of free, accredited learning programmes. It offers a range of resources to help practitioners develop their knowledge of clinical research.

Research Design Service

A free and confidential service to assist researchers in applying for funding. Advisers provide guidance on research design, writing competitive applications and public involvement.

Research Professorships

The flagship award for the NIHR. The scheme aims to fund research leaders of the future to promote effective translation of research.

Senior Investigators

A funding competition to award prominent leaders in the NIHR research community. Senior investigators are recognised for their outstanding research and contributions to the NIHR.