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Clinical Trials Unit efficient studies projects

The NIHR Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) Support Funding Scheme ended on 30 September 2023. Here you will find the CTU efficient studies projects, which were funded as part of the scheme to support developments in the design and delivery of efficient and innovative research.

Projects are shown by the year they were funded and we will update links to the final reports once these are available.

2022 projects

These are the reports from 2022 projects, along with their lead units:

  • Bristol - TC Development and validation of an online version of a new generic modular resource-use measure for RCTs
  • Leeds CTRU IDEAL-S: Statistical Development of the IDEAL Framework
  • Leeds CTRU An online resource to guide trialists, research staff and patient contributors in how best to prepare for and manage clinical trial participation changes
  • Newcastle CTU ROBust INterims for adaptive designs (ROBIN): developing best practice for high-quality and speedy interim analyses in Phase II-IV trials
  • Nottingham CTU Flourishing As Clinical Trial Staff (FACTS)
  • OCTRU EXPLAIN initiative
  • Pragmatic CTRU Development of Resources to promote best practice for the Analysis of Harm outcomes in RCTs (DoRAH)
  • York TU Supporting, developing and coordinating the Trial Forge SWAT Network

2021 projects

These are the reports from 2021 projects, along with their lead units:

  • Norwich CTU The development of guidance to implementing e-consent in REDCap and other similar Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems
  • Liverpool CTC Development and prototype testing of a method to quantify the carbon footprint of current clinical trials to inform future lower carbon clinical trials design
  • Sheffield CTRU Recording HArms in Behavioural change Intervention Trials (RHABIT)
  • Pragmatic CTU Promoting INCLUsivity through improving the practice and anD utility of Ethnicity Data collection in trials (INCLUDED)
  • Nottingham CTU REcruitment in Mental health trials; broadening the 'net', opportunities for INclusivity through online methoDs (RE-MIND study)
  • Norwich CTU Screening LOg Guidelines (SLOG): A standardised model for screening data: who should be included and which data should be collected?
  • Sheffield CTRU A collaborative study between CTU's to identify the activity and resource needed to improve representation of of under-served groups in trials
  • OCTRU Participant Information PortalS - The PIPS Initiative
  • Keele CTU A WebApp for Sample Size calculation and evaluation of PROGRESSion criteria in pilot and feasibility studies (SS-Progress)

2020 projects

These are the reports from 2020 projects, along with their lead units:

  • Bristol TC (1) - Development of an electronic study management system
  • Bristol TC (2) - "How to run a good Trial Steering Committee”: an online workshop for TSC Chairs of new trials
  • Leeds CTRU - Developing and piloting a template communication to improve information and help elicit preferences in people who stop trial participation early
  • Norwich CTU (2) - Automated record linkage to support the efficient use of pseudonymised routine health record data in clinical trials
  • Nottingham CTU - Blinding of the trial statistician in clinical trials
  • Sheffield CTRU - Learning from COVID-19 related trial adaptations to inform efficient trial design - a sequential mixed methods study
  • York TU - Supporting the implementation of recruitment and retention SWATs

2019 projects

These are the reports from 2019 projects, along with their lead units:

2018 projects

These are the reports from 2018 projects, along with their lead units:

2017 projects

These are the reports from 2017 projects, along with their lead units: