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CTU Support Funding

The NIHR recognises the important and crucial role played by Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) in helping the design, development and delivery of quality research projects.  NIHR CTU Support Funding was introduced in 2008 as a mechanism to provide financial sustainability and support to units involved in NIHR research.

All UKCRC registered Clinical Trials Units in England are potentially eligible to apply for support funding. Applications are invited periodically and information will be published here when a call is open.

**There are no current calls for NIHR CTU Support Funding**  

CTUs are an important component of any research application and funded project. CTUs can provide expertise and advice, and participate throughout the research process, from initial idea development through to project delivery and reporting.  

Researchers are strongly encouraged to contact a CTU early in the process of developing research ideas and preparing funding applications.

The units listed below ( with links to their own websites) receive NIHR CTU Support Funding to enable them to support NIHR research applications and projects, and so are especially interested in collaborating on NIHR research.



NIHR supported CTUs 
Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit Norwich Clinical Trials Unit
Bristol Clinical Trials Centre Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit
 Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit Oxford NPEU Clinical Trials Unit
The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit
Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) Peninsula Clinical Trials Unit
Imperial Clinical Trials Unit Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit
Keele Clinical Trials Unit PRIMENT Clinical Trials Unit
Leicester Clinical Trials Unit  Sheffield Clinical Trials Research Unit
Leeds CTRU Southampton Clinical Trials Unit
 Liverpool Trials Collaborative Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Clinical Trials Unit  York Trials Unit
Manchester CTU  
Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit  



To contact the CTU team please:

   Telephone: 023 8059 9695 / 023 8059 7366

The NIHR is keen to see the design, development and delivery of more efficient, faster, innovative studies to provide robust evidence to inform clinical practice and policy.

The NIHR offered additional funding for CTUs (funded via the NIHR CTU Support Funding scheme) to support developments in the design and delivery of efficient and innovative research.

Funding rounds have been held in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, with further funding opportunities to be considered. You can view the projects funded .


The Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) meet twice a year for the purpose of providing expert comment and advice to the NIHR CTU Support Funding Award work stream and to ensure that the funding stream provides an optimal portfolio of activities. The committee has a wide-ranging remit and areas of potential activity to support the funding stream including, advising the Director of CTU Support Funding on areas of concern and development (including external issues), and helping to determine future activities.


Our Director

 Professor Steve Goodacre is the Chair of the NIHR Clinical Trials Unit Support Funding Standing Advisory Committee.


Our Committee

The CTU Committee members are:

   Professor Monica Busse - University of Cardiff
   Professor Cindy Cooper - University of Sheffield
   Professor Jane Daniels - University of Nottingham
   Professor Richard Emsley - King's College London
   Professor Jonathan Mant - University of Cambridge
   Professor John Norris - University of Edinburgh
   Professor Sue Pavitt - University of Leeds
   Professor Gavin Perkins - University of Warwick
   Professor Ann Marie Swart - University of East Anglia

SAC meeting minutes

SAC Meeting Minutes - December 2018

SAC  Meeting Minutes - June 2019