NIHR global health research programmes award funding from the UK Government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget. NIHR funds research by contracting researchers’ organisations (the ‘Contractor’) on behalf of the UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (the ‘Authority’).



For a number of our funding programmes, contracting must take place via a UK contracting institution (that is, via a UK joint or lead applicant). 

Before funding can start, we issue a research contract to the contracting institution for signing. We use a standard contract for research funded using ODA. The Global Health Policy and Systems Research Development Award programme has a slightly different contract. Once returned, the contract will be signed by the Department of Health and Social Care and returned to the institution within a couple of weeks. 

Funding for global health research is awarded in UK pounds sterling (GBP, £). We offer guidance for ODA contract holders on how to deal with foreign currency transactions in denominations other than the contract currency.

Due diligence

Before any transfer of money from the UK to the partner institution(s), proportionate due diligence assessments should be undertaken by the contracting institution. Research offices are required to complete and submit the NIHR global health due diligence form.

The contracting institution should also undertake proportionate due diligence assessments on the project partners. Copies of partners' completed due diligence forms will need to be shared with NIHR.

Collaboration agreements

Draft collaboration agreements should be developed between the contracting institution and partners as soon as possible after a successful funding decision has been communicated. These agreements should be submitted for NIHR review and approval as part of the contracting process. 


If you have any questions about contracting, including delays, re-costing or moving institutions, please contact your research programme team.

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