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Researchers, charities and the life sciences industry can collaborate with experts in NIHR infrastructure across the research pathway. 

The NIHR invests significantly in people and expertise through our research infrastructure, which comprises centres of excellence, collaborations, services and facilities.

Our infrastructure plays a crucial role in underpinning research funded by the NIHR and by our partners from charities, the research councils and the life sciences industry.

You can engage and collaborate with experts in our research infrastructure, to develop and create opportunities for your own research.

Experimental medicine

Collaborate with our experts in early-phase experimental medicine research

You can collaborate with NIHR's world-leading academic and clinical research experts in early-phase translational research, based in our Biomedical Research Centres and other experimental medicine research infrastructure.

Find out about our work in Biomedical Research Centres

Find out about our work in Clinical Research Facilities

Find out about our work in Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres

Translational research

Collaborate with our networks of translational research experts

You can access ready-formed networks of the UK's leading experts in early-phase translational research through our Translational Research Collaborations.

Find out about our Translational Research Collaborations.

Clinical research

Collaborate with our networks of clinical research experts

The leading researchers in specific medical specialties based in our Local Clinical Research Networks can help you determine if your study can be delivered successfully in the NHS.

Find out about the NIHR Clinical Research Network.


Collaborate with our medical device and diagnostics experts

You can get advice from our experts in medical devices and diagnostics at our MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostic Co-operatives (MICs) to develop your technology and generate evidence to support adoption in the NHS.

Find out about our work in MedTech.

Applied research

Collaborate with our experts in applied research

The researchers at our Applied Research Collaborations support applied health research and research on implementation of health and care evidence into day-to-day practice.

Find out more about our collaborations in applied health research.

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