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NIHR provides extensive support and collaboration opportunities to a diverse range of life sciences companies, including SMEs. By partnering with us you can benefit from, and access, specific groups of researchers, as well as help to grow research capacity and capability in areas of shared interest.

By collaborating together we can ensure that research benefits patients, the public and the UK economy.

Translational Research Collaborations

Pre-formed collaborations between the UK’s NHS trusts, universities and research centres in specific therapeutic areas.


NIHR Statistics Group

The NIHR Statistics Group has been formed to support NIHR statisticians, share expertise, and facilitate communication and collaboration.


Attract, develop and retain researchers

By partnering with us to co-fund Fellowships you can benefit from and help grow research capacity and capability in areas of shared interest.


Collaborating with the NIHR enabled us to meet an important enrollment goal in a rheumatoid arthritis study. We look to leverage clinical and biomarker data from the trial in our efforts to develop the next generation of therapies for individuals living with this debilitating autoimmune disease.

Ian Gourley, MD, Senior Director, Head of Translational Medicine Science, Immunology Development, Janssen R&D

Translational Research Collaborations

Working alongside a number of different Partner organisations, the NIHR has established ready-formed networks of the UK’s leading universities, NHS trusts and research centres in order to carry out early phase translational research and tackle experimental medicine challenges in selected therapeutic themes.

These collaborations are set-up to support and work with the life sciences industry, charities, researchers and other funders and partners.

NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership 

NIHR Cancer and Nutrition Collaboration

NIHR Dementia Translational Research Collaboration

NIHR Diet and Activity Research Translation Collaboration

NIHR Mental Health Translational Research Collaboration

NIHR Oncology Translational Research Collaboration

NIHR RespiratoryTranslational Research Collaboration

UK Musculoskeletal Translational Research Collaboration

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If you are interested in working with these collaborations or with the NIHR in another therapeutic area, please contact us:

NIHR Statistics Group

Statistics is fundamental to medical research. As a consequence, statisticians are vital partners in NIHR-sponsored research, ensuring that research is of the highest quality. 

 Find out more about the Statistics Group. 

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