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Investing in infrastructure

Explore the world-leading facilities and expertise which make up the NIHR  infrastructure and support research in the UK.


Biomedical Research Centres

Collaborations between universities and NHS organisations. The 20 centres bring together academics and clinicians to translate lab-based discoveries into potential new treatments, diagnostics and technologies.

Clinical Research Network

A network made up of 15 smaller, local networks across England. The network co-ordinates and supports the delivery of research in the NHS and across the wider health and social care environment.

Clinical Trial Units

Specially designed centres across England which co-ordinate and analyse clinical trials. They can provide expertise and advice to support the research process, from initial idea development to project delivery and reporting.

Specialty areas

The different areas through which the NIHR supports research delivery. Each specialty brings together expert clinical leaders and practitioners to deliver effective research.

Study Support Service

Support services to help researchers plan, set up and perform high quality research in the NHS, and wider health and social care environments.


Clinical Research Facilities

Purpose-built facilities in NHS hospitals where researchers can conduct studies. There are 28 facilities across England, designed to support early-phase and complex studies.

MedTech and In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operatives

Centres of expertise to help develop new medical technologies and provide evidence on commercially-supplied in vitro diagnostics. They bring together patients, clinicians, researchers, commissioners and industry.

Research sample storage and analysis

The facilities and services available to help researchers and industry partners to access health data. This includes help to identify participants for research and storing research samples.

Patient and participant recruitment


A national pool of patients and members of the public who have volunteered to be approached for research studies. Volunteers are grouped by their genes and physical attributes.

Clinical Research Practitioner Directory

A community which supports the development of clinical research practitioners (CRP). The directory provides resources and support for those seeking to join the CRP accredited register.

Data services and collaborations

The facilities and services available to help researchers and industry partners to access health data. This includes help to identify participants for research and access to medical records and samples.

National Patient Recruitment Centres

NIHR-funded research facilities dedicated to delivering large scale, late-phase commercial clinical trials. They are designed to make it easier and quicker to deliver commercial research.

Research Networks and collaborations

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Co-ordinating Group

A group of clinical leaders and key organisations working to address challenges and improve collaboration in advanced therapy medicinal products research.

Applied Research Collaborations

Regional collaborations between organisations that undertake applied health and care research. The NIHR currently funds 15 local collaborations across England.

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres

A UK-wide network that brings together world-leading laboratory and clinical researchers to test new cancer treatments.

Imaging Group

A group of experts and clinical leaders that provide support across the NHIR's imaging research. The group works to build research capacity and capability, improve collaboration and help contribute to scientific advances in imaging.

Patient Safety Research Collaborations

Partnerships between universities and NHS trusts to support patient safety research. There are three centres in England, aiming to bring patient safety discoveries to NHS frontline services.

Translational Research Collaborations

Networks of the UK's leading universities, NHS trusts and research centres. They carry out early-phase translational research in different therapy areas. The networks can support the life sciences industry, charities, researchers and other partners.

Empowering individuals to take action against type 2 diabetes

Funding and support from NIHR infrastructure enabled a research study to find new diet to help people with type 2 diabetes to reverse the condition. It is now being piloted by the NHS.